We are looking for highly-motivated and talented individuals to join our Lab as PhD students and postdoctoral research associates. We also welcome proposals for MEng Final Year Projects and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) placements.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact the Director of the Lab, Professor Paul Mitcheson (paul.mitcheson@imperial.ac.uk).

Wireless power transferWith the proliferation of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, often the only physical connection to a device is power.  By removing this final cord we have the benefits of increased robustness and convenience.  The projects being undertaken at the Wireless Power Lab are focused on research into wireless power transfer technologies applicable to mid-range inductive links, long-range inductive links and ambient RF energy harvesting.  Mid-range links encompass the range 0 – 40 cm and are of high efficiency, capable of power transfer in the kW range.  Long-range links of up to 6 m with 10 mW power transfer are of low efficiency but enable power to be distributed around a room.  Ambient RF energy harvesting allows the powering of very low power devices (< 10 μW) with only the emissions from mobile phone base stations, TV broadcast towers, and Wi-Fi transmitters.

The research team at the Wireless Power Lab have demonstrated significant increases in power density in comparison to commercially available mid-range inductive power transfer systems and are pioneers in the field of long-range links. The technologies being developed at the Lab are envisaged to be used in such diverse applications as electric vehicle charging, biomedical device powering, and remote sensor network powering.

We are a part of the Control and Power Research Group within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. Our work is funded from a mixture of sources including EPSRC, the UK Government, and EDF Energy.