Theme 2: Visualization of interdependencies within and across infrastructures

This is an emerging theme that brings together our interests in visualization of complex engineering projects across the College. This theme is concerned with data analytics and display using immersive visualization, augmented reality and BIM techniques. As analytics and modelling become conducted across datasets, there are questions about how such engineering information is aggregated, analysed, presented and visualised; how its validity is verified; and how users are made aware of the validity and provenance of aggregated information through visual displays. There are connections with work on computationally unifying urban master-planning in the Data Science Institute. Research interest include:

  • Developing decision-making tools - Starting with the decision, this work traces back to the kind of information that needs to be synthesised and made available to the decision maker.
  • Visualizing interactions - Displaying physical connections, mass, energy and information flows across interfaces in systems. This work will use graph theory to analyse and make visible the interactions involved across complex engineering projects
  • Visualization of built infrastructure - This work will develop new visual interfaces to digital information about built assets; overlaying analytic information onto the physical representation and creating workflows for scalable interactive visualisation forms.