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Conference papers

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Working papers


CSEI Working Paper 8

The future of systems integration within civil infrastructure

Professor Jennifer Whyte

Submitted to INCOSE 2016


Working Paper 7


Could your Building Catch a Virus?

Kostas Karagiannis

Presented at the EiB 2014 

Working Paper 6


Are You Afraid of the Dark? Energy Security in the Age of Cyber Terrorism

Professor David Fisk

2014 Roland Clift Lecture University of Surrey 29 October

Working Paper 5


Improving delivery of building services systems by implementing; 
Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies

Mr Irek Starzyk Dr Nicholas Leon  

Presented at the CIBSE/ASHRAE Symposium, Dublin 03-04 April 2014

Working Paper 4 


Smart systems commissioning
for energy efficient buildings  

Ms Sarah Noye
Professor David Fisk 
Dr Robin North

Paper submitted to the CIBSE Technical Symposium,

John Moores University Liverpool,
11-12 April 2013

Working Paper 3


Benchmarking - Gaming or Winning?

Professor David Fisk 


Working Paper 2


Cloud computing for energy
management in local authorities

Rhona Malcolm
Dr James Keirstead 


Working Paper 1


Cyber Security and Building Services  

Professor David Fisk

The full article can be accessed online at Taylor & Francis - 
Intelligent Buildings International Journal
Volume 4, Issue 3, 2012