At CSynBI we see synthetic biology as a major new technology for the 21st century. We are:

  • Developing tools for synthetic biology such as biological part libraries, CAD software, computational models and automation so that future generations can build new biology in a fast, affordable and robust manner.

  • Applying synthetic biology to generate biological solutions to world needs. We are using synthetic biology to engineer new, state-of-the-art biotechnologies. The inherent modularity and the predictable design of synthetic biology makes it a powerful method for a wide variety of biological applications.
  • Researching the ways that developments in synthetic biology impact and shape the world around us. Our collegues at the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine at Kings College London form an integral part of CSynBI. Through a combination of high quality social science research and engagement with policy, Kings researchers seek to influence the trajectory of this novel and rapidly developing area and contribute to the development of an appropriate governance regime.