CSynBI was established in 2009 through an EPSRC Science and Innovation award designed to build new activity in areas of synthetic biology of national strategic importance.

The research laboratories of CSynBI opened in April 2010 with the major strategic aim of developing a robust engineering framework for synthetic biology in the design and optimisation of biological devices and systems, and in tandem apply synthetic biology to develop a wide range of novel biotechnologies.

CSynBI is comprised of scientific researchers at Imperial College London and societal and ethical researchers from the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine at King's College London who explore the social, political, economic and ethical dimensions of synthetic biology.

Researchers at CSynBI play a large role in teaching synthetic biology at Imperial College through undergraduate and postgraduate courses and we have a proud tradition of competing at the highest level in the annual iGEM synthetic biology competition. CSynBI researchers are regularly involved in scientific outreach with collaborations with designers and artists and public events like our annual November research symposium.

Professor Richard Kitney and Professor Paul Freemont are Co-Directors of the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation.