Research area: Protein Stability, Statistical Mechanics

Research sponsor: BBSRC Case with Procter & Gamble

Project overview

The Stability of Solid-State Bio-Formulations

The stability of solid-state powder formulations which include bio-molecules are critical in both healthcare, food, and consumer product markets whether the product is important for the effective delivery of the relevant healthcare, nutritional or consumer benefit.

An improved understanding of stability of such products will support improved healthcare as well as the more efficient and environmentally sound delivery of a range of consumer products from laundry detergent powders through to food products. In the term stability, we refer to chemical, physical, and morphological stability. Variations in any one of these can result in products that have unsatisfactory performance.

This study seeks to understand the mechanisms and its parameters that govern the general stability landscape of macromolecular formulation both from an experimental as well as theoretical point of view. Macromolecular characterization techniques are combined with statistical solution thermodynamics (e.g. Flory-Huggins theory, Sanchez-Lacombe).