Imperial Graduate Attributes

The Imperial Graduate Attributes are a set of core competencies to which we aspire in all our degree programmes. They define how our graduates approach problems, collect and use information, generate and test ideas, communicate and collaborate.

Imperial graduates are individuals who:

  • are exceptionally well educated in their field
  • are independent learners and critical thinkers
  • are able to retrieve, analyse and assimilate complex information
  • are able to manage complexity and ambiguity
  • have good communication skills
  • have critical judgment
  • know their personal impact and how it can contribute most effectively in the workplace

In addition to discipline-specific education and training, the College aims to provide an education that enables students to:

  • have a good general knowledge and understanding of the sciences, including mathematics, and an awareness of the major global scientific challenges
  • understand how individuals from different disciplines approach and solve problems
  • understand the societal, ethical and commercial context in which they operate
  • have business awareness and, where relevant, industrial or commercial experience
  • be enterprising and open to the value of entrepreneurship
  • show integrity and honesty in their professional activities

Imperial students should also be able to demonstrate:

  • the ability to be articulate, both orally and in writing, to lay and specialist audiences
  • the capacity for attentive exchange, informed persuasive argument and reasoning
  • teamwork and leadership skills
  • an appreciation of cost and value
  • an understanding of risk, uncertainty, failure and success
  • networking and negotiating skills
  • project and time management proficiency
  • a consideration of others in their workplace