Name: Jia Hui Teo

Supervisors: Dr. Luc J. Vandeperre and Prof. Eduardo Saiz

Sponsor: DSO National Laboratories

           Ceramics are hard materials, which makes them ideal for armour but their brittleness and weakness in tension is detrimental to performance. It is generally understood that impedance mismatches are bad for any armour systems as they are points of reflection, generating tensile stress waves which should be avoided. In this work, varying microstructures will be created using materials with different impedances to understand the reflection of waves at such interfaces on the microstructural level. Consequently, a better understanding of how the microstructures can be tailored to create materials that are able to reflect compressive waves progressively across the entire thickness instead of generating a large tensile wave at the rear end of the ceramic which will likely cause the ceramic to shatter. Delaying the failure of the ceramic gives it more time to defeat the ceramic, allowing sustained projectile erosion which could help improve the ballistic performance of the ceramic.