Prof Leroy Gardner

Prof Leroy Gardner


Leroy Gardner is Professor of Structural Engineering and Director of Research in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of both the Institutions of Civil (FICE) and Structural (FIStructE) Engineers. He is engaged in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, specialist advisory work and leading an active steel structures research group.


Research Associates


Dr Merih Kucukler
Started Jan 2017
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Dr Craig Buchanan
Started May 2017
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Research Associates
Research Associates

Current PhD Researchers in the Steel Structures Group


Yidu Bu
Started Mar 2014


Andreas Fieber
Started Oct 2015
Displacement based design and reduced stiffness method for steel


Nicolaos Hadjipantelis
Started Oct 2015


Constantinos Kyprianou
Started Oct 2016


Pinelopi Kyvelou
Started Oct 2013
Cold-formed steel structures


Xin Meng
Started Oct 2016
High-strength steel hollow sections


Gabriel Santos
Started Jun 2015
Structural engineering - steel structures
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Fiona Walport
Started Oct 2016
Behaviour and design of sustainable stainless steel structures
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Kaidong Wu
Started Feb 2017
Buckling and post-buckling of the new material graphene


Xiang Yun
Started Oct 2014

Current PhD Researchers
Current PhD ResearchersMiss Peny Kyvelou

Former PhD Researchers in the Steel Structures Group

  • Dr Craig Buchanan - Testing and design of conventional and novel stainless steel hollow structural sections (Completed 2017)
  • Dr Wei Qiu - Beam-column behaviour of concrete-filled elliptical hollow sections (Completed 2017)
  • Dr Jie Wang - Behavious and design of high strength steel structures (Completed 2016)
  • Dr Elizabeth Liu - Interactive buckling in thin-walled I-section struts with rigidly rotating flange to web joints (Completed 2016)
  • Dr Ou Zhao - Structural behaviour of stainless steel elements subjected to combined loading (Completed 2015)
  • Dr Merih Kucukler - Stiffness reduction approach for structural steel design (Completed 2015)
  • Dr Jonathan Gosaye - Behaviour and design of post-tensioned steel structures (Completed 2015)
  • Dr May Su - Behaviour and design of aluminium alloy structural elements (Completed 2014)
  • Dr Andrew Foster - Stability and design of steel beams in the strain-hardening range (Completed 2014)
  • Dr Chi Hui - Moment redistribution in cold-formed steel purlin systems (Completed 2014)
  • Dr Andrew Liew - Design of structural steel elements with the Continuous Strength Method (Completed 2014)
  • Dr Sheida Afshan - Structural behaviour of cold-formed stainless steel tubular members (Completed 2013)
  • Dr Najib Saliba - Structural behaviour of lean duplex stainless steel welded I-sections (completed 2012) 
  • Dr Ade Osofero - Behaviour and design of prestressed stayed columns (Completed 2012)
  • Dr Finian McCann - Stability of beams with discrete lateral restraints (Completed 2012)
  • Dr Facheng Wang - A deformation based approach to structural steel design (Completed 2011)
  • Dr Marios Theofanous - Studies of the nonlinear response of stainless steel structures (Completed 2010)
  • Dr Waleed Salih - Analysis and design of stainless steel bolted connections (Completed 2010)
  • Dr Ada Law - Instabilities in structural steel elliptical hollow section members (Completed 2010)
  • Dr Alan Nip - Cyclic behaviour of carbon steel and stainless steel tubular members (Completed 2009)
  • Dr Tak Ming Chan - Structural behaviour of elliptical hollow sections (Completed 2007)
  • Dr Rachel Cruise - The influence of production route on the behaviour of stainless steel cross-sections (Completed 2007)
  • Dr Kee Ng - Stainless steel structures in fire (Completed 2006)
  • Dr Mahmud Ashraf - Structural stainless steel design: Resistance based on deformation capacity (Completed 2006)