Making your content changes live to the Imperial web site ( is very straight forward.

Please note that only content that has been approved (the Update & Approve option in the content type) will transfer to the live site.

Content will only appear on the live website once the section or branch in question has been published. Anything not published during the day will be automatically published overnight in the nightly site wide publish.

Publish a section (page) or Publish a branch?

You only need to publish the branch if there's been an amendment or addition to content in one of the special repository sub-folders, like the HighlightBox, or Sidebar,  or an Accordion item, Slideshow item or any of the other similar content types. Then publish the branch from the page where the content element will be displayed.

If you've only updated the content on a section itself then publish the section.

How to publish

  1. Go to the site structure
  2. Hover over the page(s) you want to publish, or if you want to publish a branch, hover over the landing page for those pages. In the example below, the branch consists of: Viewing pages before... and the Accordion and the sub-folder called Previewing.
  3. Hover over the yellow down arrow for the menu options
  4. If you want to update the section/page on its own then select 'Publish section'. If you have updated a sub-section, in this example the Previewing sub folder, then you need to update the whole branch to see the changes - 'Publish branch'.
  5. If someone else has published just before you you may see a Publish Lock Detected warning message. This is normal, please click Clear the lock and continue publishing and OK, and t4 will put you in the queue to publish
  6. Wait for the publish to finish - A Publish completed message will appear at the bottom of the window
  7. View your site on the staging site immediately (see View your page(s) on the staging site)
  8. Your published content will be transfered to the live site on the hour


Site Manager CMS publishing process diagram

Publishing process diagram