Launch of Phase 1: 8 December 2014

After careful consideration by the Project Board the planned launch date of Imperial’s redesigned website was revised to 8 December 2014. This followed advice from our CMS provider TERMINALFOUR who, having assessed our designs and requirements, informed us that the implementation of them is such that it was no longer feasible for us to deliver a summer 2014 launch.

While we had been aiming to ensure launch timing for Phase 1 was summer 2014 there were many estimates inherent in this schedule, as we could not know the full complexity of our final designs, how they would need to adapt for responsive display, or precisely how they would be built into the new CMS.

One of the more complex elements is the number of flexible design features that we’d like all editors to have access to, without needing to know HTML, including image carousels, slideshows, accordion menus, social media feeds and a local footer for your pages.

Given there are still unknowns that need to be fleshed out, the December date was selected as being realistic and achievable.

The following timetable was revised around 8 December launch date:

Project schedule
MilestoneProposed date
 Project initiation document signed off  September 2012
 Design agency selected and contract issued  December 2012
Agency on site: meetings and workshops, audience research, design research 11-15 February 2013
A change of web technology? - decision reached July 2013
Information architecture and sitemap work July-September 2013
Wireframes and styleboards approved October-December 2013
Design templates approved March 2014
Style guides and content guides ready Summer 2014
Content preparation by editors April-August 2014
Final HTML/CSS delivered June 2014
Implementation of designs within CMS June-August 2014
Training of users, content entering in CMS September-December 2014
Launch of phase 1 content* 8 December 2014
Rollout of remaining content 2015
Post launch review and project evaluation December 2014 - spring 2015
Implementation outside of the CMS December 2014 onwards
*The site launch date was reviewed and considered carefully to ensure the site launched at an appropriate time in the College calendar
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