With the help of the design agency, Domain7, the College Website Redesign 2013-14 project delivered a full review and redesign of the College website and refreshed designs for all CMS templates and other College branded websites. The first phase of the project went live on 8 December 2014. This phase launched content for some of our key external audiences. 

The project aims were:

  • Renewed audience research, to see if our audience has changed and based upon these findings, make sure that our site meets the needs and requirements of our diverse range of audiences.
  • Make the website compatible with mobile devices so there is an excellent user experience, regardless of the user’s device.
  • A refreshed design, making the most of current industry trends.
  • A reviewed navigational approach across the website.
  • Content strategy and best practice (strengthened following project commencement).
  • A change of technology (added after project commencement).
  • That the redesigned Imperial website meet level AA conformance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (added after project commencement).

The migration was completed just before Easter 2016.