Bike pool

Imperial College staff have the opportunity to borrow a bike for free.

The Bike Pool Scheme provides Imperial College staff with the opportunity to borrow a bike for free, for a maximum of 5 days at a time. This will provide an alternative to public transport and to encourage staff to give cycling a go. 

There are eight bikes of various sizes available to hire, including two folding bikes, and all bikes come with a helmet, high-vis vest, 2 panniers and a D-lock.

Bike pool user information

Register for the scheme

  • Please note that registration for the scheme is open to College staff only. 
  • By registering you are agreeing to the  Terms and Conditions of the scheme 
  • Register for the scheme here 
    (You will be asked to provide your username and password if you have not logged in via the College network, the system will only allow staff to register)
  • Once you have registered, you will receive an automated email confirming registration, giving you access to the Bike Pool Calendar (College login to access) and providing you with details on how to book a bike.

Booking restrictions

  • Bikes cannot be booked over a weekend.
  • Bikes cannot be booked more than 5 days in advance
  • Bikes may only be booked for up to 5 days at a time.
  • Bikes should be booked for collection during core hours:
  • 7.00 -22.00 at the Ethos Sports Centre Reception, to ensure that an Ethos staff member is available to provide the keys. Please see the Ethos website for more information, locations and opening times. Please be aware that opening times are likely to alter over holiday periods.

Choose the right bike

Folding bikeThe bikes come in a range of sizes so you should select one which suits your height.

Watch the folding bike video

Folding hire bike instructions

Here are the instructions on how to fold and unfold the folding bikes available to hire through the bike pool scheme.

Collecting your bike

  • To collect the keys for the bike go to the Ethos Sports Centre where you will be asked to sign a booking form.  This details the cycle number, date of loan and your personal details.
  • Collect the bike from the bike shelter (location detailed below) using the access code you will be issued with at the Ethos Reception.

All bikes are issued with the following accessories:

  • Front and back lights
  • Helmet
  • 1 pannier (bag)
  • D-lock and cable
  • A high-vis vest can be borrowed from Ethos Reception

Collection process:

  • The bike will be secured with the D-lock to the Sheffield stand inside the shelter  
  • Use your key to unlock D-lock and store it in the pannier provided  
  • Helmet and cable lock are stored inside the main section of the pannier. Cable lock should be used to secure the front wheel to the bike when storing the bike elsewhere 
  • Front and back lights are stored in the zipped pocket of the pannier

Returning your bike

  • At the end of the loan period users should return the bike to the dedicated cycle store
  • Please ensure that the bike is returned to the same position within the store
  • Secure using D-lock provided
  • Store Helmet and Cable lock in pannier and front and back lights in zipped pocket
  • The cycle should be in the same condition as originally borrowed 
  • Damaged or missing items may be subject to a compensatory charge to be paid on demand to the College
  • Return keys to the Ethos Reception and hi-vis vest if borrowed
  • Report any damage or missing items at Ethos Reception 

The success of the scheme relies upon users returning bikes on time and promptly reporting all damage and missing items. 

Without this process, the condition of the bikes would quickly deteriorate and they would become unfit for purpose and possibly even dangerous. 

Bike pool location

bike pool locationThe Bike Pool secure shelter is located next to the entrance of the Faculty Bike Shelter.
View the PDF map of the Bike Pool Shelter location

Already a cyclist?

Join the London Cycling Campaign

We have been working in partnership with the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on the Bike Pool scheme.  As part of the package we have secured a 50% discount on individual LCC membership for all members of Imperial Wheelers. This entitles you to the benefits of being an LCC member for only £17 per year

Find out more about the Imperial Wheelers and benefits of LCC membership

Cycle Safety


For further information, please contact the Ethos reception team or email