Collaborations and partnerships

Collaborators within Imperial

Professor Andrew Livingston, FREng (Chemical Engineering), membrane separation

Professor Kang Li (Chemical Engineering), membrane separation

Professor Paul Fennell (Chemical Engineering), clean energy, chemical looping and beyond

Dr Kim Jelfs (Chemistry), molecular dynamics simulations

Professor Nigel Brandon, FREng (Earth Science & Engineering), redox flow batteries and SOFC

Dr Vladimir Yufit (Earth Science & Engineering), redox flow batteries

Professor Aron Walsh (Materials), materials design

External Collaborators in the UK

Professor Anthony K. Cheetham, FRS (Materials Science, Cambridge), material science

Professor Eugene M. Terentjev (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge), polymer physics

Professor Clare P. Grey, FRS (Chemistry, Cambridge), novel batteries for energy storage

Professor Neil B. McKeown FRSE (Chemistry, University of Edinburgh), PIM polymers

Professor Andrew I. Cooper, FRS (Chemistry, University of Liverpool), porous molecular materials

Dr Tom Hasell (Chemistry, University of Liverpool), porous materials

Dr Stuart Scott (Engineering, University of Cambridge), chemical looping

Prof. Frank Marken (University of Bath), electrochemistry

Dr Thomas D. Bennett (Materials Science, University of Cambridge), MOF materials


Professor Easan Sivaniah (Kyoto University, Japan), membrane research

Professor Susumu Kitagawa (Kyoto University, Japan), MOF materials

Professor Rui Xiao (Southeast University, Nanjing, China), clean energy

Professor Feng Pan (Peking University, China), solid state battery and energy storage

Professor Hazim Qiblawey (Qatar University, Qatar), membrane separation, desalination

Prof. Shaheen Al-Muhtaseb (Qatar University, Qatar), membrane separation, gas separation