Robotics Courses at Imperial College London

CourseDepartmentCourse leader
Neuromechanical control and learning Bioengineering Prof Etienne Burdet
H-CARD: Human Centered design of Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices Bioengineering Prof Etienne Burdet
MSc Human and Biological Robotics Bioengineering Prof Etienne Burdet
ME1-HMTX – Mechatronics Mechanical Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena
ME2-HMTX – Mechatronics Mechanical Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena
ME3-HECM – Embedded C for Microcontrollers Mechanical Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Robotics CO 333 Computing Prof Andrew Davison 
'Gizmo' Module on the 'Innovation Design Engineering' MSc/MA Mechanical Prof Peter Childs
Mr Andrew Brand
Dr Connor Myant
AE3-418-L3 Applications (Design and prototyping) Aeronautics Dr Mirco Kovac
Machine Learning & Neural Computation Computing Dr Aldo Faisal
Brain-Machine Interfaces Bioengineering Dr Aldo Faisal
Human-Centered Robotics Electrical Engineering Dr Yiannis Demiris
Machine Learning for Computer Vision Electrical Engineering Dr Tae-Kyun Kim