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Aerial Robotics Lab

Group leader: Dr Mirko Kovac
Research keywords: aerial robots, bio-inspired design, fluid structure interaction, micro fabrication
Expertise: design, fabrication and testing of advanced aerial robotic systems
Department: Aeronautics

Biomechatronics Lab

Group leader: Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Research keywords: biomechatronics, bio-inspired robots, human-machine interface, assistive technology, rehabilitation robotics, prosthetics, bio-instrumentation.
Expertise: Research in the Biomechatronics lab focuses on the application of robotics and electro-mechanical systems inspired by medicine and biology. Our work fuses techniques from neuroscience, sensor development, artificial intelligence, simulation/modelling, and robotics. This elucidation of biological paradigms augmenting engineering design encompasses two main research thrusts, guiding the fabrication of bio-inspired machines and systems, and developing novel devices that can act upon, substitute parts of, and augment human beings.
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Brain and Behaviour Lab

Group leader:
Dr Aldo Faisal
Research keywords: sensorimotor learning and control (in humans), machine learning, neurotechnology, brain-Machine-Interfaces, activities of daily living, eye tracking, medical devices.
Expertise: Our research fuses neuroscience with technology contributing to the emerging discipline of neurotechnology. We combine methods from computing, physics and engineering with experimental human studies to understand how the brain works. We pursue both basic science and translational work by a) reverse engineering from first principles the algorithms that drive brains and behaviour and b) translating this understanding into technology that helps patients and people in general.
Department: Bioengineering, Computing and MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

Circuits and Systems

Group leader: Dr George A. Constantinides
Research keywords: analogue and digital circuits and systems, microelectronic interfaces with neural pathways.
Expertise: integrated circuit and microsystem technologies to address challenges in implantable neural prosthetics, brain-machine interfaces, lab-on-chip/wireless endoscope capsule platforms and medical devices in general.
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Cognitive Robotics

Group leader: Prof Murray Shanahan
Research keywords: cognitive robotics, neurorobotics, neurodynamics, computational neuroscience, global workspace theory, brain networks, spiking neural networks, artificial intelligence.
Expertise: Our group studies the dynamics of large-scale networks of spiking neurons using computer simulation and robotics. Our interests include 1) dynamical properties such as complexity, metastability, and phenomena of local and global synchronisation, 2) structural connectivity, in particular the importance of small-world networks, (hierarchical) modularity, and hub nodes, 3) the relationship between connectivity and dynamics, 4) the role of the neural dynamics in an embodied (robotic) setting, and 5) the technology of neural simulation, especially using commodity hardware such as GPUs. The over-arching agenda is to understand how cognition and consciousness are realised in the embodied, situated brain.
Department: Computing

Computer vision and learning lab

Group leader: Dr Tae-Kyun Kim
Research keywords: 2D/3D object detection, categorisation and tracking, action and activity recognition, face recognition and surveillance, semantic image segmentation and reconstruction, man-machine interface.
Expertise: We explore machine learning techniques for computer vision. Many visual recognition tasks, which are to make machines that see, can be cast as learning problems from image space to semantic label space. We study novel formulations and computationally efficient methods, including Randomised Decision Forests, Boosting, Discriminant Analysis and Continuous learning methods.
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Control and Power

Group leader: Prof Alessandro Astolfi
Research keywords: robust and optimal control, data fusion, nonlinear systems, stochastic modelling, systems identification and distributed parameter systems.
Expertise: design of integrated power networks, distributed generation, renewable energy sources, the control of induction machines power converter design, modelling and optimisation of power MEMS, the modelling and control of nuclear fusion reactors, the modelling and stability analysis of land and sea vehicles, the stabilisation of large flexible structures.
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dyson Robotics Lab

Group leader: Prof Andrew Davison, Dr Stefan Leutenegger
Research keywords: computer vision, home robotics, scene understanding, manipulation.
Expertise: We are researching the computer vision and scene understanding algorithms which could enable the next generation of smart robots for the home and beyond with the support and close collaboration of Dyson Ltd.
Department: Computing

Dyson School of Design Engineering

Head of School: Prof Peter Childs
Robotics lead: Dr Petar Kormushev
Research keywords: design, gadgets, gizmos, mechanisms, mechanical, robotics and machine learning, artificial intelligence
Expertise: design, mechanical design, mechanisms, gadgets, creativity, facilitation.

Geometric Modelling and Manufacturing

Group leader: Dr Mihailo Ristic
Research keywords: geometric modelling, dimensional metrology using contact and non-contact measuring systems, CAD model updating and reconstruction from point data, integration between various activities during product and manufacturing process development, collaborative design and manufacture across the supply chain, distributed manufacturing planning and control.
Expertise: improvement in flexibility and to reduction of lead times during design, process development and manufacture of complex engineering products.
Department: Mechanical Engineering

The Hamlyn Centre

Group leader: Prof Guang-Zhong Yang
Research keywords: biomedical robotics, pervasive sensing, assistive technologies, biomedical imaging and photonics, human-robot interaction.
Expertise: focusing on technological innovation but with a strong emphasis on clinical translation and direct patient benefit with a global impact, the centre is at the forefront of research in imaging, sensing and robotics for addressing global health challenges associated with demographic, environmental, social and economic changes.

Human Robotics Group

Group leader: Prof Etienne Burdet
Research keywords: human-machine interaction, robotics, neuroscience, rehabilitation technology, human and robot motor control, haptics.
Expertise: human sensorimotor control and learning, modelling, rehabilitation systems design and evaluation.
Department: Bioengineering

Intelligent Behaviour Understanding Group

Group leader: Prof Maja Pantic
Research keywords: visual, recognition, face, behaviour, gesture.
Expertise: machine analysis of human behaviour including face analysis, body gesture analysis, visual, audio, biometrics analysis.
Department: Computing

Kedgley Biomechanics Lab

Group leader: Dr Angela Kedgley
Research keywords: musculoskeletal biomechanics, physiologic joint simulators, joint pathology, diagnosis, surgical repair, rehabilitation
Expertise: Our research employs a variety of in-vivo and in-vitro approaches to examine the effects of ageing and joint pathologies. These techniques include both experimental and computational methods, employing optical motion analysis, imaging, and experimental testing. We work with clinicians to aid in the assessment of therapeutic interventions and the development of new techniques to promote early diagnosis and improved treatment strategies.
Department: Bioengineering

Krapp Lab

Group leader: Dr Holger G. Krapp
Research keywords: insect sensorimotor control, biological control design, neural mechanisms of multisensor fusion, dynamic range fractioning, sensorimotor transformation, neuroethology, neurotechnology.
Expertise: electrophysiological techniques, histology, behavioural linear systems analysis, X-ray-based functional anatomy, modelling/simulations of biological control architectures, (fly) brain-robotic interfacing.
Department: Bioengineering

Mechatronics in Medicine

Group leader: Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena
Research keywords: surgical robotics, computer assisted surgery, training systems, haptics, human-robot interaction, needle steering, soft tissue modelling.
Expertise: medical robotics, technology in orthopaedics and neurosurgery, tool tissue interaction modelling, image registration.
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Morphological Computation and Learning Laboratory

Group leader: Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara
Research keywords: Soft robotics, physical simulators, morphological computation, safe and stable robots, embodied perception and action, embodied intelligence, human-robot interaction, haptic interfaces
Expertise: Soft robotics, design and fabrication, modelling, control in uncertain environments, manipulation of soft objects, human-robot co-working
Department: Dyson School of Design Engineering

Personal Robotics Lab

Group leader: Dr Yiannis Demiris
Research keywords: humanoid robotics, human-robot interaction, machine learning, shared control, assistive robotics, multi robot systems, cognitive systems, bioinspired control architectures, user modelling.
Expertise: computational modelling of human perceptual, cognitive and motor systems, robot learning, robotic systems for people with disabilities, user modelling for adaptive human robot interaction.
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Port Operations Research and Technology

Group leader: Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis
Research keywords: multi robot systems, robotic fleet scheduling, routing, simulation, logistics applications.
Expertise: simulation of robotic fleets, development of fleet control systems, scheduling/routing optimisation.
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering


Group leader: Dr Nicolas Rojas
Research keywords: Computational kinematics, contact modelling and characterization, dexterous manipulation, mechanical intelligence, mechanisms, parallel robots, reconfigurable robots, robot hands, robotic manipulation, robot mechanics.
Expertise: Analysis, design, and implementation of novel, divergent robotic systems that can purposefully perform physical changes to the world around us under diversity and uncertainty.
Department: Dyson School of Design Engineering

Robot Intelligence Lab

Group leader: Dr Petar Kormushev
Research keywords: robot learning, artificial intelligence , machine learning, cognitive robotics, reinforcement learning
Expertise: We build advanced machine learning algorithms for improving both the cognitive and physical abilities of autonomous robots.
Department: Dyson School of Design Engineering

Robot Vision Group

Group leader: Prof Andrew Davison
Research keywords: real-time computer vision, SLAM, tracking, reconstruction, scene understanding.
Expertise: We work on the computer vision techniques that will enable robots and other mobile, camera-equipped devices to understand, move through and interact with the complex real world. Particular specialities are real-time 3D localisation and scene modelling.
Department: Computing

SiMMS - Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery

Group leader: Dr Fernando Bello
Research keywords: simulation, surgical simulation, haptics, modelling.
Expertise: The SiMMS (Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery) research group brings together researchers in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Surgery, with the aim of creating suitable models and simulations of clinical processes, including examination, diagnosis and surgical intervention. We are particularly interested in the use of virtual environments and haptics in the context of education and training.

Speech and Audio Processing Group

Group leader: Dr Patrick A. Naylor
Research keywords: speech, audio signal processing, acoustics
Expertise: fundamental science and technology of speech and audio processing.
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Statistical Machine Learning

Group leader: Dr Marc Deisenroth
Research keywords: machine learning, autonomous systems, signal processing, robot learning.
Expertise: machine learning, robot learning, probabilistic modelling.
Department: Computing