Browser choice

It is preferable to use Internet Explorer as the web browser when uploading files, other browsers may not support multiple document uploads.

What to include

Version: Only the final and marked version of dissertations can be included.
File format: This must be in PDF, please see guidelines for filename convention.

What to exclude

Failed dissertations
Embargoed (Confidential) dissertations

Adding details of dissertations to the Excel template

1. Use the supplied Excel template for adding the details of Master's dissertations
2. Make sure that all the mandatory fields are populated
3. Do not use any non‐plain characters such as umlauts
4. Do not use smart tags in Office:

  • Only use straight quotation marks " "
  • Use hyphen (‐‐) and not a dash

5. No spaces should be included in filenames
6. Filenames should follow the convention: Surname‐firstname‐year‐MSc‐Thesis.pdf, e.g.

  • Alybayev‐D‐2008‐Civil‐MSc‐Thesis.pdf
  • Haqque‐M‐I‐2007‐Business‐MSc‐Thesis.pdf


  • Course
  • Qualification
  • Surname
  • First_name
  • Title
  • Distinction (Y/N)
  • Date_awarded
  • Date_submitted
  • Filename 1

Creating a SharePoint area

Email the ICT service desk to place a request for an area in SharePoint to be created for you.

Ensure that you have full access to this area.

This area would be typically created in your departmental area.

ICT will provide you with a URL resembling this:

Using SharePoint to upload documents into Spiral – instructions for administrators

Create a folder on your local server or PC to collate documents for transfer.

Ensure that all documents are saved as PDF files and that the optimize option has been used.

In Word:

Screen image showing optimze button in Word

In Acrobat professional:

Screen image showing Optimize option in Acrobat professional

The naming convention should be: Surname‐Init‐Year‐Dept‐MSc‐Thesis.pdf

  • e.g. Smith‐F‐2009‐Civil‐MSC‐Thesis.pdf

For the Business School:

  • Format of course name should be, for example, MSc Management
  • Variations on the MBA course, e.g. WEMBA, FTMBA should all be collated under the main MBA course heading

Faculty of Engineering departments should be abbreviated as: Aero, Bio, ChemEng, Civil, Comp, ESE, ElecEng, Mats, MechEng. Other faculties will need to establish their own abbreviations.

Use the Excel template, which already contains the column headings:

Field names and example data
Course: MSc Engineering and Physical Science in Medicine
Degree: MSc
Surname: Smith
First_Name: Fred
Supervisor_Surname: Smith (or leave blank)
Supervisor_first_name: Fred (or leave blank)
Title: this is the title of the thesis: e.g. Image Registration inElasticity Imaging
Distinction: (Y or blank),
Date_Awarded: 2008
Date_issued: 2008
Embargo_(Y/N) (Y or blank)
Filename_1: Smith‐F‐2008‐Bio‐MSc‐Thesis.pdf
Filename_2: if there is a supplementary file, enter the file name and ensure that the file is also uploaded to SharePoint. Ensure the field names appear in the first row of the spreadsheet.

Once documents are collated they can then be uploaded into SharePoint:

  • Enter the correct URL in Internet Explorer e.g.

Screen image showing SharePoint

Select the Upload option and select multiple documents:

Screen image showing SharePoint upload option Upload all PDFs and the Excel sheet that is used as the reference document.

Send an email requesting an ”MSc upload to Spiral” to Andrew Mclean ( in ICT stating the correct sub folder name.

Please ensure that you contact your librarian to let them know that the collections are now available.


For help or advice, please contact:

Business School

  • Dawn Redford
  • Business librarians

Faculty of Engineering

  • Shireen Lock
  • Nicole Urquhart

Combining files in Adobe Acrobat

If you need to merge several files into one PDF you can do so using Adobe Acrobat professional:

Screen image showing Mrge Files option

Screen image showing Add files button Screen image showing Move arrows