The InForm team at ICTU aims to provide a comprehensive service to support the collection, management and analysis of data from clinical trials. If involved with your study, ample advanced notice will be required to evaluate the study costs and confirm adoption. The ICTU team is happy to contribute to the assessment of a study's feasibility, and can advise on the following:

  • costing and budgeting
  • schedule and availability

ICTU works collaboratively with trial teams to design the structure of the trial in line with the clinical protocol, covering:

  • design and build of the electronic case report forms (eCRFs) 
  • validation rules for data entry to ensure data can be collected accurately and stored securely 
  • user support during the life cycle of the trial to deal with forgotten passwords, technical questions and any perceived issues with the system 
  • assistance with ad hoc report development 
  • research data extracts for safety committees, final reports or as requested

For further information on how we can help, please contact the ICTU team directly.