Knowledge Transfer Secondments (KTS) funds are available to support activities that facilitate the movement of skilled people into and out of Imperial College, and that enable EPSRC funding-generated research results to be taken further towards application by users.

Inward secondments are available for user organisation staff to work on a specific research project at Imperial College that is or was funded by EPSRC at the College, to build on knowledge generated with EPSRC funding.

Outward secondments are available for Imperial researchers previously or currently engaged on EPSRC funding, to enable research results to be taken further towards application by users.The outward secondment can be to any organisation that can benefit from the results of the research.

EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Secondments Guidance

EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Secondments Application Form

Activities must be completed by 31st March 2020. Proposed activities should relate to research projects or studentships previously funded by EPSRC. Supported activities must be relevant to the EPSRC remit and it will be expected that those requesting funding will have had EPSRC funding in the past.

Both schemes are currently open to applications. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis every month until all remaining funds have been allocated; applications received by 5pm on the first Monday of the month will be reviewed and applicants informed of the outcome within that month. Applications received after the first Monday of the month will not be reviewed until the following month. Proposals will not be assessed during August or December.