Funding Opportunities under the GCRF Umbrella

A number of funding opportunities are available from the GCRF initiative, further details on the available opportunities as well as information and details for managed processes for calls where for example there is an institutional limit.

RCUK Funding

RCUK Is distributing funds through the an RCUK Collective Fund and also through individual Research Councils.

Major opportunities are announced through the RCUK GCRF page. These pages also contain links to historical funding opportunities and other useful information.

Some Research Councils also have their own dedicated GCRF pages:


Collective Fund Calls

There are no currently open Collective Fund calls

Research Council Led Calls

Open Calls:

EPSRC have announced that they will be supporting two initiatives in their advance notice of calls for 2017/2018, the first with a closing date in May 2017 will be in Healthcare Technologies, the second in the following quarter will be in Energy.

Internal Funding Opportunities

As part of this year's Imperial Confidence in Concept Funding Call, £125,000 has been ring-fenced to support projects that are addressing the aims of the RCUK Global Challenges Research Fund, more information and how to apply can be found on the ICiC Webpages. Queries should be sent to Dr Susie Gray (

Other Funders

Royal Society GCRF Pages

No open calls


No open calls, however, the GCRF Africa Catalyst will reopen in May/June 2017

British Academy

No open calls

Academy of Medical Sciences

No open calls