As a consequence of significant cuts to the Research Councils’ capital provision (circa. 50%), RCUK have adopted a new approach to equipment funding. The previous arrangement, where cumulative equipment costs above £50,000 were funded at 100%, has been discontinued. With exceptions for ‘Instrument Development’, Research Council funding contribution now depends on the value of individual items of equipment. The changes introduce:

  1. New equipment value thresholds for individual items of equipment
  2. An increase to the threshold for minor items of equipment - now £10,000 (previously £3,000)
  3. A partial funding schemes dependent on individual asset value / value threshold
  4. A requirement for Institutions to contribute to the cost of equipment (dependent on threshold)
  5. Additional justification requirements for items of equipment >£10,000
Equipment Category:MinorMid-Range Major
 Value Threshold:   <£10,000  £10,000 – OJEU Threshold  >OJEU Threshold
 Justification Requirements:  Standard  Supplementary  Supplementary + business case
 Typical Funder Contribution:  80%  up to 50%  up to 100%

The OJEU Threshold is currently £111,676 (net of VAT) or £134,011 (inclusive of VAT)

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