Please find full list of potential supervisors here.

The process for proposing a PhD project and recruiting students is as follows:

31st October 2016 - Meeting at Silwood Park to provide information to prospective supervisors and to allow co-supervisory teams to meet and discuss potential projects.

18th November 2016 - Lead supervisors submit project outlines using the online submission system 

The selection and training board will review projects to make sure they are within remit based on the following criteria:

- A minimum of two supervisors from at least 2 departments and/or institutions.

- One supervisor must have expertise in developing new theory or quantitative methods (e.g. statistics, computing). One supervisor must have expertise in ecological and/or evolutionary data.

- The proposal must outline the specific research and training provided in modelling and/or quantitative methods in ecology or evolution.

End November 2016.  Projects that are within remit will be advertised on the CDT website and with a general advert on Supervisors to arrange advertising their individual projects if they wish. Students will apply to supervisors. 

19th January 2017. Deadline for student applications. Supervisors interview students within next two weeks.

2nd February 2017. Each lead supervisor submits one student plus one reserve for consideration by the selection board using the online submission system.

Week 13th February 2017. Four members of the Selection and Training board will rank each student based on academic record (score 0,1,2,3,4), research experience and potential (score 0,1,2,3,4), and match and engagement with CDT goals (score 0,1,2,3). Stakeholder engagement in project, student discipline background and allocation (measured against PIs and NERC activity data) will be monitored and used as tie-breakers.

The board will then review the ranked list based on average scores, check any students with discrepant scores from different reviewers, and agree a final ranking. Successful students and supervisors will be informed of the decision. 

15th March 2017, 10am. NERC agreed deadline for accepting offers.

Students will also be able to apply centrally to the Selection and Training board, in which case they will indicate a choice of 3 potential supervisors and be interviewed by 2 members of the board, who will then submit pro formas.

Note that final confirmation of student projects and supervisors will only be made at the end of February of their first year after the pre-project period, allowing students to develop project ideas based on their initial experiences.