Academic Staff

 Prof Roland Smith Head of Group: Prof Roland Smith
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 Dr Simon Bland Dr Simon Bland
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 Prof Jerry Chittenden Prof Jeremy Chittenden
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 Dr Michael Coppins Dr Michael Coppins
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 Dr Robert Kingham Dr Robert Kingham
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 Prof Sergey Lebedev Prof Sergey Lebedev
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 Dr Stuart Mangles Dr Stuart Mangles
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 Prof Zulfikar Najmudin Prof Zulfikar Najmudin
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Prof Steven Rose Prof Steven Rose
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Academic Staff

Part-Time / Senior Research Investigators

 Bucker Dangor

Dr Bucker Dangor

Research Fellows


Dr Yin Shi



Dr Francisco Suzuki-Vidal


Academic Staff

Research Associates/Assistants

 Dr Brian Appelbe

Dr Brian Appelbe


Dr Minas Bacharis


Dr Guy Burdiak


Dr Jason Cole

 George Dr George Hicks
 Nicholas Dr Nicholas-Pierre Niasse
 James Dr James Pecover
 Oliver Oliver Pike
Kristjan Kristjan Poder
 Aakash Dr Aakash Sahai 
 Lee Dr Lee Suttle

PhD Students

Saleh Alatabi email
Matthew Bennett email
Daniel Burridge email
Richard Cameron email
Thomas Clayson, email
Emma-Jane Ditter email
Samuel Eardley email
Ollie Ettlinger, email
Diana Garcia-Botero email
Elias Gerstmayr email
Jack Hare, email
Dominic Hill, email
Reuben Hill, email
Joshua Holgate, email
Spencer Kelly email
James MacDonald, email
Steven McNamara email
Kristopher McGlinchy Email
Timothy Robinson, email
Savio Rozario email
Christos Stavrou, email
Jon Tong email
Christopher Walsh, email
Henry Watkins, email
Jonathan Wood (PhD Rep), email 
George Rowland, email
Stefan Mijin, email
Luke Simons, email
Aidan Crilly, email
Jonathan Halliday, email
Robbie Watt, email
Jan-Niclas Gruse, email

Academic Support

Dr Nelson Lopes, Technician email 
Mrs Azra Sabadosh, Administrator email 

Visiting Professors and Academics

UKAEA Culham Science Centre / Fusion Website

  • Dr Mikhail Gryanevich
  • Professor Tim Hender
  • Professor Wojtek Fundamenski
  • Dr Hyun-Tae Kim 

STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

  • Dr James Green
  • Professor Gianluca Gregori
  • Dr Alexander Robinson
  • Dr Robbie Scott

University of Durham

  • Dr John Bissell (Department of Mathematical Sciences)

University of Oxford

University of York

  • Dr John Pasley

Star Centre, Simon Langton School, Canterbury

  • Dr Becky Parker


International Visiting Professors and Academics

Ludwig-Maximillians University, Munich

  • Dr Joerg Schreiber

Observatoire de Paris

Department of Electronics, Technological Educational Institute of Crete

  • Dr Michael Psimopoulos
  • Dr Sevim Tanriverdi
  • Professor Michael Tatarakis

High Energy Density Physics Group, University of California, USA

Laboratory of Plasma Studies, Cornell, USA

  • Professor David Hammer

Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics, Maryland, USA

  • Professor William Dorland

Center for Ultrafast Optical Science, Michigan, USA

  • Professor Karl Krushnelnick
  • Dr Alexander Thomas
  • Dr Louise Willingale

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA

  • Professor Greg Hammett

Sandia National Laboratories, USA

  • Dr David Ampleford
  • Dr Adam Harvey-Thompson
  • Dr Chris Jennings

University of Malaya, Malaysia

  • Professor Kuan Hiang Kwek

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • Dr Claudio Bellei
  • Professor Mike Dunne
  • Dr Jim Gaffney
  • Dr Gareth Hall
  • Dr Sabrina Nagel
  • Dr Louisa Pickworth

Electrical Engineering Department, University of California

Instituto Superior Tecnico

  • Dr Nuno Loureiro

DESY (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron)

  • Dr Charlotte Palmer


  • Jinqing Yu
  • Jianqiang Yuan

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