About us

Over the past decade, advances in wireless communication, sensor design, and energy storage technologies have meant that the concept of a truly pervasive sensing is rapidly becoming a reality. Research in pervasive sensing at Imperial College London spans across a range of disciplines including well-being, healthcare, sports, civil engineering infrastructure, smart dwellings, environment and transport.

Key research issues currently being addressed include novel bioelectrical, biochemical, biophysical, and mechanical sensors; low power RF transceiver, energy scavenging, and battery technologies; biocompatibility, materials, system integration and miniaturisation; context awareness and multi-sensor data fusion, data inferencing, mining, and trend analysis; quality of service, trust and security; light-weight communication protocols, autonomic sensor networks and communication standards.

The purpose of the Centre is to bring together researchers within the College to integrate the identification of needs and the development of platform technologies in pervasive sensing. The primary objectives of the centre are:

  • Providing scientific leadership in pervasive sensing and allied technology developments;
  • Coordinating research projects and pump-prime new initiatives to strengthen the research impact;
  • Developing new platform technologies, facilities and resources in pervasive sensing;
  • Forging new multidisciplinary research and training environments;
  • Establishing a focal point of outreach to industry, NHS and attracting inward investment to sustain Imperial's research capacity in pervasive sensing.