Conference and Workshop on the Research Needs of Boiling Water Reactors

The first conference in the UK on the research needs of Boiling Water Reactors was organized by the Imperial College Centre for Nuclear Engineering in collaboration with Bangor University on the 25, 26 & 27th October 2016.

The main presentations from the three days can be downloaded below. This page is under construction; presentations will be added as soon as possible.

25th October

Welcome (Bangor Vice Chancellor, J. Hughes)

Overview of Research Needs of the BWR (K. Moriya)

Research Needs for Core and Fuel Design (T. Hino)

Wylfa Newydd Presentation (M. Sailsbury)

26th October

Research Needs for Higher Performance Core and Fuel (H. Soneda)

Research Needs for Thermal Hydraulics  (K. Nishida)

Presentations by Students that Spent Three Months in Japan in Summer 2016 (I. Davies: Bangor University, M Jackson: Imperial College, D. Jones: Manchester University)

Description and Organisation of Breakout sessions (N. Waterman)

Workshop Break Out Sessions

            Group 1: Break Out Higher Performance Core and Fuel

            Group 2: Break Out Thermal Hydraulics

Breakout Groups Prioritise Potential Research Projects

Plenary Session Break Out Groups Present Outline Details of Priority Projects

27th October

Presentation on EPSRC Funding (K. Bowman and L. Anderson)

KESS Funding (S. Hope)

BWR Research Hub and Forum & Feasibility Projects (N. Waterman)