Preparing samplesBefore bookings can be made new users must complete an induction session with the Facility Manager or other divisional contact and be trained to use the spectrometers by the Facility Manager or a group member experienced in operating the facility instruments.  Divisional contacts can be found within the contacts page.  Users must also be familiar with the local safety information.

Once the above has been completed, the spectrometers can be booked via the web-based booking calendar links below.  The calendar is hosted by the college's Sharepoint system which requires your college username and password to log in.  To get your college login activated for the Sharepoint bookings system please request access by following the links to the calendars below.

The AvanceII 800 currently has slots allocated to Groups from Molecular Biosciences, Biomolecular Medicine and Chemistry which can be booked by members of these groups via the AvanceII 800 Booking CalendarWhen booking please include your name and a brief description of the sample and experiments being run.

For other users or to request time on the AvanceIII 600 please contact Yingqi or one of the other departmental representatives on the contacts page if more appropriate.