The Centre for Neurotechnology and its members are involved with a number of large-scale collaborative research projects which incorporate multidisciplinary research groups from within and outside of Imperial College.  In addition we have a number of official partners and affiliates of the Centre and CDT.

Neurotechnology for Memory Enhancement

Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies (NETT)

Neural Engineering brings together engineering, physics, neuroscience and mathematics to design and develop brain-computer interface systems, cognitive computers and neural prosthetics.  Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies (NETT) is a Europe-wide consortium of 18 universities, research institutes and private companies who together will host 17 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral researchers over the next 4 years. NETT has been made possible by a €5.3M grant by the European Commission through its Marie Curie Initial Training Network scheme.  Researchers from the Centre for Neurotechnology and NETT collaborate on a number of projects and the two groups organise a joint Winter School every two years.