All students are expected to participate in a student internship or exchange during their CDT programme.  This may take the form of:

  • An academic exchange – spending time in another research lab (national or international)
  • An industry internship – the CDT has several partners in industry that may be able to host you for a short internship.  If your project already involves an industry partner, you would normally spend your internship working at the partner institution, or
  • A policy/other internship – there are many opportunities for other types of internship available, eg the EPSRC science policy internship scheme

Internships would normally be for a maximum of 3 months, taken in the 2nd year of the PhD phase.  However some flexibility is allowed to enable you to take best advantage of the opportunities available. 

Where your internship is directly related to your research, you would be expected to take this time as “study leave”.  This allows you to remain registered, and continue to receive your bursary during the internship, as if you were studying at the College.  If your internship is unrelated to your research, you would normally take an interruption of studies during this time.  This suspends your registration for the internship period meaning that this time does not count towards your degree (ie you will have an additional 3 months of registration added at the end of your normal registration period).  Tuition fee and bursary payments are suspended during an interruption of studies.

Each student will be eligible for a contribution towards travel/living costs during the internship.  The amount of funding will vary depending on the nature of your internship (eg whether it is industry-funded, whether you will continue to be paid your bursary or not).

Further details of the internship process, including potential opportunities and internship/exchange partners will be listed here in due course.  However you will be expected to make arrangements for the internship yourself, in discussion with your supervisors.  We encourage you to start discussing potential opportunities with your supervisors in the MRes year and try to plan your internship well in advance to ensure you can make best use of this opportunity.