Ravi Vaidyanathan (Mechanical Engineering)
Peter Brown (MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford)
Dipankar Nandi (Brain Sciences)
Huling Tan (MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford)

Implantable brain stimulators are now established methods of treating of neurological movement disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease (PD), dystonia, essential tremor, and even non-movement disorders such as depression. These treatments, however, remain almost exclusively ‘open-loop’.  Determination of optimal stimulation parameters is complex and clinically demanding.  The dissertation goal is to explore robotics as a means of adjusting brain stimulation parameters and provide a foundation for future neurostimulation treatments. Specifically the research will employ a robotic device to: [1] correlate muscular rigidity and underlying neural signals; [2] explore robot-assisted rehabilitation targeting PD; and [3] investigate adaptive tuning of brain implants.

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