Project title (click for full details and how to apply)SupervisorsIndustry partner
Studentship in Man-Machine Interfacing for Powered Lower Limb Prostheses Dario Farina
Anthony Bull
Bernhard Graimann (OttoBock)
Ottobock logo
Surface electromyography for brain-machine interface applications Dario Farina
Etienne Burdet
Emmanuel Drakakis
Patrick Kaifosh (Cognescent)
cognescent logo
Studentship in Alzheimer's therapeutics Simon Schultz
Bill Wisden
Keith Wafford (Lilly)
Lilly logo
Monitoring muscle fatigue using novel wireless sensors
(previous applicants for this project should not re-apply)
Paul Strutton
Pantelis Georgiou
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These projects are now filled
Project titleSupervisors
One-probe - a new device for non-penetrative monitoring of the injured brain Martyn Boutelle
Mark Wilson
Large-Area Flexible Plastic Electronic Sensor for 2D Neural Recording Alasdair Campbell
Martyn Boutelle
Mathematical and computational analyses of plastic spiking recurrent networks Claudia Clopath
Mauricio Barahona
Spinal motor neurons control of redundant robotic system Dario Farina
Etienne Burdet
AutoTRIAGE: a clinical, computational and biomechanical investigation of the feasibility of using vehicular event data recorders for assessing head trauma severity in collisions Mazdak Ghajari
David Sharp
Phiip Martin (Transport Research Laboratory)
Mark Wilson
The bionic spinal cord bridge: Combined therapies for neural regeneration Rylie Green
Simone Di Giovanni
Development of a diagnostic battery for probing individual differences in network function Adam Hampshire
Pete Hellyer
Rob Leech
Large scale population functional connectomic parcellation and individual variation Paul Matthews
Yi-ke Guo
High resolution imaging of multimodal nanoparticles for treatment of brain cancers Alexandra Porter
Matthew Williams
Mary Ryan
Developing a novel type of neurostimulation to foster speech processing and rehabilitation from aphasia Tobias Reichenbach
Mauricio Barahona
Rob Leech
Neuronal Interfacing System for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Interrogations using Materials-based Nanotechnologies Molly Stevens
Simone Di Giovanni
A Robotic Instrument for Adaptive Neurostimulation Ravi Vaidyanathan
Peter Brown (Oxford University)
Dipankar Nandi
Huling Tan (Oxford University)
Cohort 4 (2017)


Project titleStudentPhotoSupervisors
Biologically inspired computation for real-time motor learning Tunvez Boulic boulic Paul Chadderton
Claudia Clopath
Development of a noninvasive and localised blood-brain barrier opening system for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Matthew Copping copping James Choi
Magdalena Sastre
Engineering fast, flexible, precise, and parallel light sculpting for neural circuit elucidation Navjeevan Soor soor Amanda Foust
Simon Schultz
Mark Neil
Microdevices to investigate sleep and temperature regulation in mice Bryan Hsieh hsieh Nick Franks
Tim Constandinou
William Wisden
Learning to hear with plasticity across multiple timescales Lotte Weerts weerts Daniel Goodman
Claudia Clopath
Characterising receptive fields of astrocytes in auditory cortex Sihao Lu lu Andrei Kozlov
Simon Schultz
Claudia Clopath
Information theoretic analysis tools for studying the cellular assembly of memory Giuseppe Gava gava Simon Schultz
David Dupret (University of Oxford)
William Wisden
Measuring brain and body biological age to predict health outcomes and disease risk during ageing Sebastian Popescu popescu David Sharp
Ben Glocker
Paul Matthews
James Cole
Conductive polymer platforms for the integrated in vitro investigation of neural networks Kaja Ritzau-Reid ritzau-reid Molly Stevens
Ramon Vilar
Neural implants for brain-robot interface Thomas Martineau tom martineau Ravi Vaidyanathan
Peter Brown (University of Oxford)
Wearable Force-Feedback Interface supporting in vivo Brain-Robot Interface Sebastian Mancero mancero Ravi Vaidyanathan
Etienne Burdet
Peter Brown (University of Oxford)
Role of copper ions in the toxicity of α-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease Martin Priessner priessner Ramon Vilar
Liming Ying
Alfonso De Simone
Magdalena Sastre
Cohort 3 (2016)
Projects filled starting in October 2015


Project titleStudentPhotoSupervisors
Robot-assisted fMRI investigation of learning in newborn infants Sofia Dall'Orso dallorso Prof Etienne Burdet
Prof Daniel Rueckert
Prof David Edwards
Dr Tomoko Arichi (collaborator - KCL)
ReBooT: Restoring Brain Operation with Technology; Microelectronics to enable an open source instrument for exploring closed loop neural systems Konstantinos Petkos petkos Dr Emmanuel Drakakis
Dr Timothy Denison (industrial advisor - Medtronic)
Prof Peter Brown (Oxford University)
Neural network mechanisms of inhibitory and attentional control Darije Custovic custovic Dr Adam Hampshire
Dr Claudia Clopath
Developing technology to enable macroscopic imaging of neuronal connectivity to quantify changes during health and disease Gerald Moore moore Dr Stephen Brickley
Dr Simon Schultz
Computational technology towards future therapies for itchness via neuro-skin interactions Andrea Fiorentino fiorentino Dr Reiko Tanaka
Dr Claudia Clopath
Dr Paul Chadderton
Axo-glial pathology in Multiple Sclerosis and its effects on neurotransmission: development of a computational model Patricia Gallego gallego Prof Richard Reynolds
Dr Aldo Faisal
Dr Kambiz Alavian
Peripheral nerve decoding algorithms for bioelectronic medicines Carl Lubba lubba Dr Simon Schultz
Dr Nick Jones
Dr Victor Pikov (industrial advisor - Galvani Bioelectronics)
Towards whole brain functional imaging in freely moving subjects Tom Robins robins Dr Mengxing Tang
Dr Paul Chadderton
Lesion-symptom mapping using motion-tracking: How neural trauma impacts motor function Lewis Formstone formstone Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Dr Paul Bentley
Prof Etienne Burdet
Prof Alison McGregor 
Integrated Sensor Suite to Investigate Neurological Dysfunction in Balance James Clarke james clarke Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Prof Alison McGregor
Dr Rob Hart (industrial advisor - McLaren Applied Technologies)
Dr Caroline Hargrove (industrial advisor - McLaren Applied Technologies)
Ultrasound technology to deliver novel theranostic agents to malignant brain tumours Tiffany Chan chan Prof Ramon Vilar
Dr James Choi
Dr Matt Williams
Cohort 2 (2015)
Projects filled starting in October 2015


Project titleStudentPhotoSupervisors
Wearable wireless sensor arrays to detect the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)  Aidan Wickham wickham Prof Martyn Boutelle
Dr E M Drakakis
Prof Chris Shaw (collaborator - Institute of Psychiatry)
High-resolution mapping of age-related functional changes in cortical connectivity Diana Lucaci lucaci Dr Stephen Brickley
Dr Paul Chadderton
Prof William Wisden
Virtual physiotherapy for assessment and training of arm function Rajinder Lotay lotay Prof Etienne Burdet
Dr Paul Bentley
High-throughput Visualization and Computational Consequences of Increased Synaptic Plasticity and Axon Regeneration in the Living Aged Brain Cher Bachar bachar Dr Vincenzo De Paola
Dr Claudia Clopath
Dr Anil Bharath
Automated Neonatal EEG Early Warning System based on novel signal analysis tools in the field and/or novel features Georgios Zafeiropoulos zafeiropouloa Dr E M Drakakis
Prof D Edwards
Machine learning and human adaptability: towards a hierarchical model of executive cognition and brain function Benedikt Schoenhense schoenhense Dr Aldo Faisal
Dr Adam Hampshire
Designing novel imaging probes for targeting inflammatory lesions in brain disorders Tamara Boltersdorf boltersdorf Prof Nicholas Long
Dr Felicity Gavins
EEG assessment of spoken language processing in aphasia Hugo Weissbart weissbart Dr Tobias Reichenbach
Dr Robert Leech
Prof Etienne Burdet
Prof Richard Wise
Optical Measurement of Neuronal Connectivity using a Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicator Peter Quicke quicke Dr Simon Schultz
Prof Mark Neil
Prof Thomas Knöpfel
Cohort 1 (2014)

Aligned students

In conjunction with my supervisors, I am exploring how exact parameters of deep brain neural stimulation can ameliorate symptoms of tremor, muscle rigidity, speech impairment, and loss of balance.

My role lies in the development of instrumentation and algorithms that will optimise the inputs for stimulation based on their measured effect on patient symptoms, with the goal of improving long term care and efficiency in both the operating theatre and during therapy sessions.

Ideally this will lead to better patient quality of life through improved coordination, and reduced trauma from issues such as falls associated with loss of balance.

Paolo began his study with the MRes in Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship before proceeding to the PhD.
Paolo Angeles
(Mechanical Engineering)
paolo angeles Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan (Mechanical Engineering)
Prof Etienne Burdet (Bioengineering)
Dipankar Nandi (Medicine)
Nicola Pavese (Consultant Neurology)
Impairments in sustained attention are among the most common long-term cognitive deficits seen in traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients. For my PhD I investigate the feasibility of an fMRI-informed EEG-based neurofeedback system for TBI patients.

I will target functional networks that were found to be associated with impairments in sustained attention, such as the default mode network or the salience network, to complement conventional therapy.

By using real-time fMRI neurofeedback and employing machine learning techniques, patients will learn to regulate their attention-related network activity. Simultaneous recorded EEG will be analyzed in order to determine corresponding biomarkers of the voluntary network control.

Based on these findings, an fMRI-informed EEG-based neurofeedback system will be developed and validated with TBI patients by pursuing a user-centred approach.

Romy is studying for the PhD degree.
Romy Lorenz
lorenz  Dr Rob Leech (Medicine)
Information transmission through cross-frequency coupling: revealing the frequency structure of information exchange in the brain
PhD project (Wellcome Trust Fellowship)
Christian Martin
A Teleoperative Sensory Motor Control Interface (TSMCI)
EPSRC ICASE PhD project (McLaren Applied Technologies Corporate Sponsor)
Christopher Caulcrick
(Mechanical Engineering)
caulcrick Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Prof Alison McGregor
Dr Caleb Swade (McLaren Applied Technologies)
A Teleoperative Sensory Motor Control Interface (TSMCI)
PhD project (US Office of Naval Research Sponsor)
Sam Wilson
(Mechanical Engineering)
  Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
Prof Alison McGregor
Prof R Harkins (US Naval Postgraduate School)
Brain functional imaging with ultrasound
MRes Neurotechnology project
Muhammad Ihsan
  Dr Mengxing Tang
Dr Paul Chadderton
Interactive tasks for the assessment of sensorimotor control
MRes Neurotechnology project
Martyna Stachaczyk
  Prof Etienne Burdet
Dr Paul Bentley
CDT-aligned students