Our mission

  • To make fundamental discoveries in the physical, mathematical and life sciences, and to educate the scientists of the future;
  • To integrate research across these areas in a multidisciplinary manner;
  • To apply these discoveries to the benefit of humanity.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences research strategy is to harness the strengths and breadth of our research to meet the changing needs of society, industry and healthcare, and to address the global challenges of climate change, energy, global health and security. Driven by the expertise and knowledge of academic staff in our Departments, we work to respond to emerging natural science issues and deliver on the priorities of our major funders. Teaching and training the next generation of scientists is a priority across the Faculty.

This approach embeds us firmly within Imperial's mission, guiding the development of our major research proposals, enhancing our multidisciplinary research, and helping us to allocate resources and support new initiatives as they arise.

Major multidisciplinary areas of research

Major multidisciplinary areas of research

Currently, our major interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary translational research initiatives are:

Energy and Environment

  • With applications ranging from climate change to security science

Biomedical Sciences

  • With applications ranging from drug discovery to infection and immunity 

Tools and technology development

  • With applications ranging from imaging to photovoltaics