A list of news of the latest high impact research publications and prizes from the group. A full publication list can be found on the Publications Page.

New article in Nature Comm.

Congrats to Seb Pike and Ed White for their recent publication in Nature Communications entitled, "Simple Phosphinate Ligands Access New Zinc Clusters Identified in the Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles"!

Good News Digest

Hin Chun's article in polymer chemistry is one of the most accessed of 2015!

Aaron wins 2nd best speaker at the Materials Postgraduate Research day!

Congrats to all!

Jake Greenfield wins best UG prize at Imperial College

Jake Greenfield, an MSc student in the Shaffer group, has won best UG research project prize in the department. Congrats to Jake!

Milo out and about

Prof. Milo Shaffer presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee in Westminster on the topic of "NANOTECHNOLOGY – Is It Safe and Useful?"

He has also recently led a "Specialist Study day" in the London International Youth Science Forum.


Thermally conductive fibres for wearable technology

Some of the nanocomposite fibres developed in our lab by Lee Wonjun has been applied for use in clothes, designed in collaboration with Iddo Wald of the RCA. More info

Milo receives a prize at the 115th KCS meeting

KCS MeetingMilo receives an award from Professor Hong Seok Kim, President of the Korean Chemical Society, following his invited lecture at the 115th KCS Meeting. Congratulations to Milo!


New article on the cover of Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry coverSynthesis and characterization of branched fullerene-terminated poly(ethylene glycol)s

Hin Chun YauMustafa K. Bayazit,  Piers R. J. GaffneyAndrew G. LivingstonJoachim H. G. Steinke and  Milo S. P. Shaffer

Click here to read the full article


New article on the cover of Advanced Functional Materials

AFM cover Graphene Aerogels: Joule Heating Characteristics of Emulsion-Templated Graphene Aerogels (Adv. Funct. Mater. 1/2015)

Robert Menzel, Suelen Barg, Miriam Miranda, David B. Anthony, Salem M. Bawaked, Mohamed Mokhtar, Shaeel A. Al-Thabaiti, Sulaiman N. Basahel, Eduardo Saiz and Milo S. P. Shaffer

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Gold nanoparticle jewellery anyone?

gold particle jewellery Photograph from sofieboons.com

Our own Jodie Melbourne teamed up with Sofie Boons of Royal College of Art to create jewellery using gold nanoparticles. These Gold nanoparticle jewellery displays a myriad of colours depending on the size of the nanoparticles used. Read more about this exciting partnership in this New York Times article.

Chemistry World article - structural supercapacitors

Collaborations between The Composites Centre in Imperial College and NANOSYL in Belgium has yielded a new carbon composite which combines both the strength of carbon fibres with the ionic conductivity of activated carbon. Prof. Milo Shaffer, who was recently admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, explains the concept and challenges faced in the report. Read more here.