Christmas Dinner 2016


Sooncheol in CPE Winterschool event

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January 2017

CPE Winter School Event

The group members partook the CPE Winter School Event held in Bergün, Switzerland. 


December 2016

Our annual Group Christmas Event was an instant success with assembly of current students and alumni.

June 2016 Ji-Seon, Minwon, Iain and James visited research groups at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris and École normale supérieure de Lyon in Lyon as part of a new collaboration with CNRS researchers. Many exciting meetings were had and strong research links were fostered between the groups.
March 2016 Joby passed his PhD viva!
March 2016 Seb and Jess were chosen by the IOP to ask questions of Parliament at Voice of the Future.
February 2016 Joby was on a panel at the Royal Society for their event "Out in STEM". You can read Joby's blog post, "Out and Proud in STEM" here.
February 2016 Nathan passed his PhD viva!
January 2016 Jess and Seb published in Advanced Functional Materials, "Optimization and Analysis of Conjugated Polymer Side Chains for High-Performance Organic Photovoltaic Cells" which was chosen as the back cover graphic!
January 2016  Ji-Seon gave a tutorial lecture “Plastic Electronics - Next Generation Technology”, at 2016 CNRS-Ewha International Winter School, Seoul
January 2016 Ji-Seon has a range of exciting new PhDs on offer for 2016 start. Please check the PhD opportunities page for more information!
January 2016 Ji-Seon gave the invited talk “Nanometrology for Organic Semiconductors and Devices”, 2016 Workshop on Plastic Electronics at KAIST, South Korea
January 2016 Oli and Ji-Seon went skiing in Switzerland with the CPE Winter School!
January 2016 Ji-Seon has won an exciting new grant! We have been awarded the International Exchanges Grant from the Royal Society, UK and CNRS National Center for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), France.
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December 2015 Ji-Seon attended the GIST-ICL R&D WorkshopDuring this Workshop, the GIST-ICL International R&D Centre for Plastic Electronics was established, and the MOU for the Centre was signed by Directors in GIST (Prof Kwang Hee Hee) and ICL (Prof James Durrant). The GIST-ICL R&D Centre aims to develop the social problem-solving and sustainable ‘Plastic Electronics’.
December 2015 Ji-Seon delivered a Plenary Lecture, “Advanced Structural Optical Nanoprobes for Organic Semiconductors”, in the 3rd International Workshop on Nano and Bio-Photonics (INWNBP 2015), 6-11 Dec. 2015, Cabourg, France
December 2015 We went for a group Christmas dinner in Jin-Juu, Soho!
November 2015 Minwon published “High-Efficiency Polymer LEDs with Fast Response Times Fabricated via Selection of Electron-Injecting Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Backbone Structure” in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
October 2015 Minwon presented at the 2nd Asian-European Symposium on Organic Optoelectronics in Edinburgh.
October 2015 James and Saurav officially join the group as PhD students. 
September 2015 The exciting paper 'Natures of Optical Absorption Transitions and Excitation Energy Dependent Photostability of Diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-Based Photovoltaic Copolymers' is the cover graphic for EES, and is available online now (click)!
September 2015 Ji-Seon gave a public lecture 'Plastic Electronics, Next Generation Technology' @ the IET
September 2015 Jess and Ji-Seon visit CSEM in Brazil to tour their OPV facility.
August 2015 Joby attended the Centre for Plastic Electronics (CPE) Symposium at Imperial College London to present a talk on the characterisation and control of morphology for efficient organic solar cells.
July 2015 Saurav achieves first class honours for his MSci project with the nanoanalysis group!
September 2015 Iain presented his work for the CPE Advisory Board
July 2015 Jess wins the Physics Department Postgraduate Research Symposium Presentation Prize 
July 2015 Jess and Saurav visit Cambridge Display Technology to talk about OPV stability.
May 2015 Jess, Nathan and Iain ran the CPE stand at the Imperial College Festival
May 2015 Jess wins the Imperial College Trust Travel Grant
April 2015 Jess wins the Armourer's and Brasier's Gauntlet Trust Travel Grant
March 2015 Jess, Iain, Nathan and Joby presented posters at the 5th UK-Korea Workshop on Plastic Electronics
March 2015 Jess and Ji-Seon present talks at The First International Symposium on Flexible Electronics and NanjingTech-Imperial College Bilateral Workshop in China.
February 2015 Jess, Iain and Nathan ran the CPE stand at the Imperial Fringe Festival: Lit Up!
January 2015 Seb's paper has been listed as one of the 25 most accessed papers in the Journal of Chemical Physics in 2014!
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September 2014 Seb wins Plastic Electronics Centre for Doctoral Training Student Symposium Presentation Prize 
October 2014 Nathan presents at 25th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis (ESREF) in Berlin: 'UV Stability of Polyfluorene Triarylamine-based Blue Light-emitting Copolymers'
October 2014 Jess and Ji-Seon visit SPECIFIC in Swansea to see their new OPV facility.
July 2014
Seb wins the Physics Department Postgraduate Research Symposium Presentation Prize 
July 2014 Ji-Seonpresented at the 4th UK-KOREA Workshop on Plastic Electronics at Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, South Korea
May 2014 Joby attended the International Conference (ICOE) on Organic Electronics in Modena, Italy, to present a poster on the photo-stability of PTB7:PC70BM organic solar cells
May 2014 Jess and Seb attended the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) conference in Lille, France, to present talks about nanoanalysis of plastic electronic devices.
April 2014 Seb presented MRS, San Francisco, where he talks about Microstructure of Organic Semiconductors Controlled by Solution Processing and its Impact on Optoelectronic and Charge Transport Properties 
March 2014 Jess received the CPE Travel Grant to attend the CPE Workshop in Erlangen, where she presented her work on the charge mobility anisotropy of functionalized pentacenes in organic field effect transistors fabricated by solution processing.
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2013 and Before

December 2013 Joby attended the UK Plastic Electronics Research Conference at Loughborough University, to present a talk on probing the molecular order of OPV blends
November 2013 Jess and Ji-Seon visit the Cambridge Graphene Centre to talk about new collaborations. 
November 2013 Joby, Jess, Seb and Nathan presented their work at the 3rd UK-Korea Workshop on Plastic Electronics.
November 2013 Park Geun-hye, President of the Republic of Korea, has addressed leading figures from science, industry and government at Imperial
September 2013 Nathan attended EuroDisplay 2013 Conference in Imperial College
September 2013 Joby, Jess, Seb and Nathan attended the European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME) at Imperial College London and the Science Museum to present posters.
July 2013 One of Seb's publication is selected as ‘JCP Editors’ Choice’ 2013 (Wood et al., J. Chem. Phys. 139, 064901)
June 2013 Nathan and Seb present posters are the PGR Symposium
May 2013 Jess, Joby, Nathan and Seb spent 2 weeks in Korea as part of the UK-Korea Student Exchange programme
February 2013 All of Ji-Seon's group presented their work at The 2nd UK-Korea Workshop on Plastic Electronics.
January 2013 Seb presented his work on Understanding thin film morphology of polymer:polymer photovolatic blends controlled by nanowire formation and molecular weight variation during the CPE Annual Presentaitons.
July 2012 Seb wins the European Optical Society: Organic Photonics and Electronics Poster Prize 
July 2012 Seb presents at the EOS Annual Meeting, Aberdeen, where he talks about controlling morphology of polymer:polymer blends for solar cells using nanowire formation and molecular weight variation 
March 2012 Joby attended the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) conference in Strasbourg, France, to present a poster on probing the molecular order of OPV blends
 December 2012  David T James who was awarded the Solid State Physics Thesis Prize for his research work
November 2012 The Centre for Plastic Electronics hosted 9 Korean students from KAIST and Seoul National University for the inaugural UK-Korea student exchange. Jess, Joby, Seb and Nathan attended.
September 2012 Ji-Seon and Jim presented their work at the 1st UK-KOREA workshop on plastic electronics in KAIST.
July 2012 Seb wins European Optical Society: Organic Photonics and Electronics Poster Prize 
April 2012 Seb wins a prize for his video at the CDT Festival of Science where he presented a one minute video explaining Nanoscale Morphology for Organic Solar Cells using an AA road map!
October 2011
Seb wins Doctoral Training Centre for Plastic Electronics Directors’ Prize for best MRes student 
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