The CMBI Postgraduate Student Group (CPG) is the social and scientific association for all CPG Logopostgraduate students (MSc, MRes, Ph.D) studying in the CMBI.  

The aim of the CPG is to act as both a social and scientific hub for postgraduate students in the CMBI in order to enrich their experience and enable them to make the most of their time at the Centre. We provide regular opportunities to meet fellow postgraduate students through social events and student led seminars, which are relaxed and informal opportunities to present work, ask questions and find out about what other students in the Centre are working on. We are run by students in the Centre for the benefit of our members and strongly encourage participation; particularly suggestions for events and volunteers to speak at seminars!


DateSeminar/social event
24 Jan 2017 Pictionary
2 Dec 2016  Flowers Building Christmas party
11 Nov 2016 Sonia Rebollo Ramirez (Larrouy-Maumus Group) 'Defining the role of cAMP-binding proteins in mycobacteria' and Becky Johnson (Frankel Group) 'Investigating the globally dominant Salmonella Typhi haplotype H58 - an insight into the pathogenesis of typhoid fever'
5 Oct 2016 Welcome drinks for new students in the Centre
4 Aug 2016 Jayne Watson (Clements Group) 'Differences in S. sonnei and S. flexneri pathogenesis' and Kam Pou Ha (Edwards Group) 'Staphylococcus aureus - what doesn't kill it makes it stronger (Determining how S. aureus survives the oxidative burst)'
2 June 2016 Alex Willis (Mostowy group) 'Therapeutic bacterial predator injections cure vertebrates of Gram-negative bacterial infection' and Miles Priestman (Robertson group) 'Drug Tolerance in Mycobacteria'
14 April 2016 Alexander Byrne (Frankel group) 'Characterisation of salmonella typhi effectors'  and Julia Sanchez-Garrido (Shenoy group) 'Caspase substrates and their role in cell death and inflammation'
15 March 2016 Elsevier Publishing Workshop
20 Jan 2016 Vera Pader (Edwards group)  'How S.aureus shoots itself in the foot' and Amy Switzer (Wigneshweraraj group) 'A bacterial response to dealing with stress'
11 Jan 2016 CPG Breakfast
14 Dec 2015 Ice Skating Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park
27 Nov 2015 2nd London Postgraduate Research Symposium on Bacterial Pathogenesis and Host Defence, University College London/Birkbeck University
12 Nov 2015 CPG Pictionary
8 Oct 2015 MRes Student Welcome Drinks
10 Sept 2015 CPG/CPG End of Summer Party -Eastside
27 August 2015 Seminar series: Emma Richards (Fairweather group) and Chris Furniss (Clements group)
23 July 2015 Seminar Series: Alexander Byrne (Frankel group) and Panayiota Pissaridou (Filloux group)
11 June 2015 Seminar Series: Robbie Fisher (Helaine group) and Sina Krokowski (Mostowy group)
20 May 2015 CPG Pictionary

Chris Furniss, PhD student, Clements Group

I completed the MRes in Biomedical Research (Bacterial Pathogenesis and Infection) in 2012. I was awarded a Centre-funded studentship and started my PhD in October 2013 with Dr Abigail Clements; I wanted to stay in the CMBI as it is a great place to study! The Centre is multidisciplinary, supportive and well equipped to investigate all areas of bacterial pathogenesis. There are a wealth of opportunities to learn about other people’s research and collaborate with other labs. I am currently writing up my PhD thesis and have just started a Research Assistant position in the CMBI, with Dr Despoina Mavridou, with whose group I worked during my PhD.

CMBI Postgraduate Student Group committee

President Matt Eldridge
Treasurer Dominic Pollard
Events Secretary Jayne Watson
Outreach Officer Merve Zeden
CPG Mayor Pippa Goddard
CMBI Postgraduate Student Group Committee