Accessing the facility

For all enquiries about use of the IVI facility, please contact:

Professor Gad Frankel (

Dr Brian Robertson

Izabela Glegola-Madejska
( - Facility Technician

In vivo imaging is fundamental for the study of infection biology. The IVI Facility enables research staff and students to follow the entire infection cycle in real time using non-invasive techniques in small animal models. The IVIS Spectrum-CT instrument combines computerised tomography with optical imaging in a single instrument, allowing the simple co-registration of the fluorescent or bioluminescent image with the CT scan. It records 3-D bioluminescence and fluorescence and allows imaging of multiple mice simultaneously.

Importantly, it includes a low dose CT scan allowing repeated high-resolution anatomical analysis of infected tissue and intra-pathogen distribution. It also gives absolute photon quantification allowing precise enumeration of infectious load. The IVI instrument enables us to carry out longitudinal studies on host-pathogen interactions and bacterial persistence, following the development of bacterial populations and host pathology over time in the same animal.

The IVI instrument is used to study the development of bacterial populations in vivo as well as the effects of immunisation and antimicrobial treatments on the course of disease. Research using the IVIS technology significantly enhances our understanding of pathogenesis, persistence and transmission as well as allowing visualising anti-microbial agents and vaccination in action.

Professor Gad Frankel is responsible for the overall management of the Facility and the Facility Technician, Izabela Glegola-Madejska manages the day-to-day operations (training for users, instrument operation, animal handling, post-mortem dissection, and histopathology).

Following the completion of the training users will be granted access to the Sharepoint siteUse the diaries on the Sharepoint site to book use of the IVIS equipment ('IVIS: Diary') and PC for data analysis and video production ('IVIS PC: Diary'), or for assistance contact Izabela Glegola-Madejska ( directly. The PC is located on Level 1 of the Flowers Building.

Please note that access to the IVI Facility will not be granted until you have been trained in how to use the equipment.

Important Information

  1. Users’ mice can only come from green rooms. No mice will be allowed into Lg 50 if they come from pin worm infected rooms.
  2. Animal depilation (if required) must be done outside of the IVIS room.
  3. Users need to provide all their own consumables. Currently, there is no charge to users for the IVIS facility.

Before using IVIS

  1. Users will need to modify their Home Office Project licences to include anaesthesia,depilation, administration of imaging reagents via various routes, in vivo imaging and µCT imaging.
  2. Users must have completed the X-Ray Safety Awareness Training to use the µCT modality and to be registered to work with ionising radiation.
  3. Users must update their GM forms to include Lg 50 in CBS.
  4. Users must check if their mice require a containment box for imaging (requirement for Cat III microorganisms and some Cat II organisms). This should be agreed in discussion with the relevant safety people.