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Booking procedure

  1. Register with the core facility by emailing the facility manager Yanping Guo (
  2. You will be sent details on how to book a lab induction and training on the instrument you want to use.
  3. Once you are registered with the Core Facility, and your lab induction and training is completed, a SharePoint email link will be sent to you.

What is SharePoint?

It is Imperial's answer for a complete calendar booking system, there is a dedicated FACS Sharepoint site which allows you to:

  • access to the booking of instruments for which you have been trained
  • communicate with other users regarding any issues e.g. cytometer based problems, or untrustworthy looking results
  • request for antibodies related to flow or any trouble-shooting help you need
  • access links to SOPs and technical information
  • view our internal user discounts available from various companies
  • keep informed of upcoming meetings and events, as well as communicating our planned annual leave, out of service notices, and services offered by the facility
  • see a list of filters available, plus much much more

Cancellation policy

Cancellations of SharePoint registered bookings can be made respecting the following simple and fair criteria:

Analysis bookings (FACS analysers, MSD, and Luminex): All analysis bookings can be cancelled free of charge two working days before the actual appointment (example: booking on Thursday at 14:00 can be cancelled free of charge until Tuesday 13:59). Please accept that facility staff must be informed by email when you amend or cancel a booking with less than two working days. If the time is not taken up by another user, we have to book a 50% cancellation charge to the respective account.

Cell sorting: Cell sorting appointments can be cancelled free of charge seven working days before the actual appointment (example: booking on Thursday 16 February at 14:00 can be cancelled free of charge until Tuesday 7 February 13:59). Cancellations with less than the full seven working days will result in the charging of a holding fee to cover the basic costs of reserving the slot within the seven working day window. Sorts with less than 3.5h duration (including startup) will be charged £125 and those lasting longer than 3.5h (full day) will be charged £250. If the appointment is still taken up by a user within the seven-day limit, the charge will be waived.