Example of FIJI image analysis

FIJI (FIJI is just ImageJ)

  • Free open source image processing package
  • Opens all our native file formats
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • FIJI is a version of ImageJ that will automatically update and load a variety of useful plugins including the Bio-Formats Importer
  • View and edit original image file formats 
  • Measurements and analysis tools
  • Image presentation
  • Wide selection of plugins
  • Macros and macro writing


Download FIJI (FIJI Is Just ImageJ)

Using FIJI

Quick Start Guide to Using FIJI (PDF)


We have a written a few macros to help with presentation and analysis which you can download
(download and save the text file to the macros\toolsets directory of FIJI. It can then be loaded by selecting it using the >> on the FIJI toolbar)

Macro Description (PDF)



Download the file Macros (ZIP)  containing all the macros and unzip it to the FIJI directory under the subdirectory of  macros/toolsets.

The Macro Toolsets can then be selected by clicking on the >> on the tool bar.