It's great to have Prof Mike Graham from univ. of Wisconsin visiting our group and giving a talk on margination in blood flow.


Lyes from our group running Hastings Half Marathon.


Prof Ranga Narayanan from Univ. of Florida visiting the group and giving a talk on phase change instabilities.


Join Nature Communications paper with MIT and Univ. of Edinburgh: Dynamics and Universal Scaling Law in Geometrically-Controlled Sessile Drop Evaporation.

Paper on the nature of slip at interfaces, submitted to Phys. Rev. Fluids: Molecular Dynamics Simulations & Continuum Modelling.

Paper on CFD simulations of crudeoil fouling in heat exchangers, submitted to Chem. Eng. Journal.

Prof. O. K. Matar to give keynote at CFD 2017 conference in Trondheim on the Memphis Program work on multiphase flows.

Talk with Alex Wray on control of evaporating particulate drops with electric fields: accepted BIFD 2017

Abstract for talk on BLUE: A High Performance Code for Simulation of Complex Multiphase Flows, ICNMMF-III: accepted.

Paper on doubly-excited waves on thin films flowing down an incline: experiments & numerics, submitted to Phys. Rev. E.


Great talk by Prof. Tryggvason on DNS of complex multiphase flows.


The group welcomes our visitor Prof. Gretar Tryggvason here 20-21 Feb. Seminar on 21st: 11-12 Room C615.

Interface-tracking of multiphase flows with soluble surfactant submetted.

Bulk advection in coalescing drops: varying surface tension, submitted

We welcome to the group Andrius, Assen, and Jason!


We wish Dr. Alex Wray the very best of luck at the University of Strathclyde. We know he will be a star!

Paper with Pedro Saenz, Che Zhizhao, Alex Wray, Sefiane, Valluri on evaporating drops to appear in Nature Comms.

Paper with Manuela Nania on sub-100nm wrinkling out now in Nanoscale

Paper by Aran Uppal of group & FluidsCDT on dynamics of spreading thixotropic drops accepted in J non-Newtonian Fluid Mech.

Dr. Che zhizhao formerly of group and Memphis Program selected "1000-talents Plan" for young researchers in China. Congratulations!!

Paper by Dr. Alex Wray "reduced models for thick inertial liquid layers on highly curved substrates" accepted in SIAM J App Math.

Nice christmas present from Imperial College. President's Medal for Outstanding Research Team for UNIHEAT project.


Paper on simulations of drop impact in gas-liquid annular flows by Zhi of  submitted to Chem Eng Sci.


Our latest paper on Langevin model for fluctuating contact angles using MD: Soft Matter front covered

Great lineup of talks at the drop impact meeting organised by CEMS. Drop Impact: from Coalescence to Splashing.

Our paper on Langevin model for fluctuating contact angle with Molecular dynamics.  A Langevin Model for Fluctuating Contact Angle Behaviour Parametrised using Molecular Dynamics.

The Royal Academy of Emgineering  awards Prof. Omar Matar, a Research Chair in Multiphase Fluid Dynamics, co-funded by Petronas.–-multi-phase-fluid-dynamic

Travers Xiao joins our goup to work on non-intrusive reduced-order modelling in multiphase flows, part of the MEMPHIS.

Aditya Karnik joins our goup to work on hybrid methods to simulate stratified-dispersed multiphase flow regime transitions, part of the MEMPHIS.

New member in our group. Ricardo Constante-Amores will work on 3D CFD simulations of turbulent jet breakup funded by BP-ICAM.

Paper by Aran Uppal on the spreading of a thixotropic sessile droplet, submitted to J non-Newtonian Fluid Mech.

Paper by Zhizhao Che on droplet impact on thin films with surfactant effects submitted to Soft Matter

Paper by Zhi Xie on three-phase flow simulations using adaptive, unstructured meshes submitted to J. Comp. Phys.

Paper by Alex Wray on electrified falling films now submitted to Phys Rev Fluids. 

Three dimensional simulations of an electrified falling film.


IJMF paper  On the role of buoyancy-driven instabilities in horizontal liquid–liquid flow now online.  

Shaking drop DNS with BLUE

Check out the work of Dr. Edward Smith from Molecular Fluid Dynamics.

Molecular Fluid Dynamics

Everything is made of molecules; and fluids are no exception.

Dr. Eric Lauga will be visiting the group this Friday. Seminar at 3 pm in lecture theatre 2 in @ICChemEng.  Outstanding talk by Eric Lauga on bio-locomotion.


All our abstracts for APS-DFD accepted. Looking forward to our trip to Portland Oregon. 

Alex Wray will join Mathematics deptartment of Strathclyde university as a lecturer in Jan. 2017. Congratulations Alex! �� We will miss you.

Inaugural UK Fluids Conference. Intro by Prof. Christos Vassilicos.

BP funded 4-year PhD available on Multi-phase Modelling of Oil-Water Droplet Size Distributions.

Paper on A balanced-force control volume finite element method for interfacial flows with surface tension using adaptive anisotropic unstructured meshes by Zhi now on line.


Video of prof. Omar Matar speaking about the MEMPHIS-Program at BIRS-EPIC workshop.

Video of talk given by Alex at BIRS-EPIC workshop on Low-order modelling of thick films on highy curved substrates.

BIRS-EPIC workshop, co-organised by prof. Omar Matar.  Group photo and information:


Kyeong Hyeon (UCL-MEMPHIS) presenting at Petroleum Engineering Conference 2016


Prof. Chris Floudas of Princeton,  Texas A&M has passed. A leading light in math modelling has gone out forever. RIP

Final day of #BIRS-EPIC workshop Alex and Zhi have excellent talks about analysis and reduction, and direct numerical simulations.


Zhi taking centre stage at BIRS-EPIC, Banff, Alberta.


Alex and Zhi relaxing at (big!!) dinner following BIRS-EPIC Worksop Day 3.


Day Two and Three of EPIC workshop.


Day One of Enabling Process Innovation through Computation  at Banff, Alberta. Live stream:


20 years of Transient Multiphase Flows: celebration conference at ChemEng on 13 September 2016. TMF-20Y  

Lyes Kahouadji presenting a poster for the 10 years anniversary of HPC service of Imperial College London.  

Manuela Nania from our group presenting her work on Fabrication of soft functional surfaces via wrinkling at the Chemical Engineering PhD Symposium.  Congratulation for the Best presentation award (student choice).


Really worth a read from Kate Stebe's group in Soft Matter

Ed Smith from the group to attend workshop on multi scale hybrid simulation methods.

New article with George Karapetsas and Kirti Sahu on "Evaporation of sessile droplets with particles & insoluble surfactants"  accepted in Langmuir.

Congratulations UNIHEAT team won the imperial college president's Award for excellence in research. Matar Fluids Group proud to be in UNIHEAT team.

Inspirational plenary by Antonio Neto from NUS on #2D materials at the European Graphene Forum in Paris #EGF2016 @2DResearch

End of Day One of the European Graphene Forum 2016 A couple of good ideas on scale up of graphene production. @2DResearch

Zhi presenting at ICMF 2016  : "Oblique Impact of Droplets on Flowing Liquid Films"


Keynote of prof. O. Matar at ICMF 2016 : "The next-generation predictive tools for Multiphase Flows".


First plenary: Detlef Lohse on nano-bubbles and nano-droplets  ICMF 2016


At  ICMF 2016 reception


The Group ready for the ICMF 2016 in FlorenceProf. O. k. Matar to give first keynote lecture on Memphis Program at 14.00 in Villa-Auditorium. Details of all Matar Labs talks are here

Alex Wray from our group captain at roller derby.

al See Alex interview at the time 1:26:03 :)


Paper with Prof. Erich Muller and Miss Frederike Jaeger on water transport through graphene-based membranes accepted for Applied Materials & Interfaces  is  is now out (link).


Congratulations to Aran ( MRes) and Alex (PhD) from our group for the graduation.


Numerical simulation of Taylor bubbles using adaptive unstructured meshes accepted as a short talk at ICTAM2016 in Montreal August 21-26 2016.

The Group will take part in 1st Workshop on Advances in CFD & MD modelling Interface Dynamics in Capillary Two-Phase Flows 3-7 Oct. Lausanne

Massively parallel direct numerical simulation of 3D jet flows accepted as Oral presentation at ICTAM2016 in Montreal August 21-26 2016.

Paper with Prof. Erich Muller and Miss Frederike Jaeger on water transport through graphene-based membranes accepted for Applied Materials & Interfaces. Link to follow shortly.

Congratulations to Zhi for gaining access to ARCHER.

Matt  and Lyes about to give their talk at postdoc symposium in ICChemEng.


Matt Hennessy and Lyes Kahouadji from the group to give talks at the postdoc symposium in ICChemEng.

Getting ready to host the Transient Multiphase Flow Consortium two-day sponsors' meeting.

Paper with Garbin Lab (lead) on micro-bubble induced surface waves in viscoelastic layers out in Soft Matter.



Three dimensional simulations of an electrified falling film by Alex Wray.

Happy easter to all  students, staff, and collaborators.


  che Theaward-winning photo of a rotating viscoelastic jetA photo of a viscoelastic rotating jet by Che has won first place in the EPSRC Photo Competition. Congratulations Che!!
This has been covered as follows so far: EPSRC (press release), The Guardian, The Irish Examiner, The Daily MailBT.

Congratulations to Manuela Nania from the group on becoming Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy!

Paper on influence of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities on liquid-liquid pipe flows submitted to Int. J. Multiphase Flows.

Paper on modelling an evaporating sessile droplet laden with particles and insoluble surfactant submitted to Langmuir.

Three dimensional direct numerical simulation of a liquid thread pinch-off. 

Liquid thread pinch-off

Three dimensional direct numerical simulation of a liquid thread pinch-off.


Well done to Souro who is doing his MSc on a Shell-funded project in the group.

Feynman lectures  Essential physics taught by a 'natural'.

Great work by the Christos N. Markides group.  Most Downloaded Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science Articles.

Looking forward to EPSRC FluidsCDT Student Symposium on 28 June.

Paper on exploiting wrinkling to measure mechanical properties of drying thin films out with Manuela Nania and the Cabral group.


Numerical simulation of water droplet impacting on a thin water film surrounded by steam at 70 bar showing the adaptive unstructured mesh. The color bar shows the distance normal to the thin film.


Numerical simulation of water droplet impacting on a thin water film surrounded by air at atmospheric pressure showing the adaptive unstructured mesh. The color bar shows the distance normal to the thin film.


Numerical simulation of an air bubble of diameter 0.011 m inside an oil and water system: first row shows the numerical results along the central plane for air (red), water (blue) and oil (green) system; second row shows the adpative mesh corresponding to the first row; third row shows the numerical results in a 3D side view.  2


Numerical simulation of ligament formation and atomisation of water issuing from a nozzle of diameter 7.8 mm surrounded by air of annular thickness 1.7 mm; the water and gas velocities are 0.5 m/s and 15 m/s, respectively.


New Marie Curie Fellow, Jason Stafford, to join the group over the summer.

Paper by Zhi Xie on FEM for interfacial flows with surface tension using adaptive anisotropic unstructured meshes submitted to Comp & Fluids.

Paper on accurate modelling of thick liquid layers on highly curved substrates at moderate Re by Alex Wray submitted to SIAM.

Gearing up to attend the Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer meeting. OKM to give a keynote.

Another Langmuir paper accepted with Manuela Nania and the Cabral group.  Details to follow.

Happy Chinese New Year to all our students and collaborators. The Year Of The Monkey

Simulation of multiphase flows paper in Int. J. Num. Meth. Fluids funded by EPSRC Programme Grant MEMPHIS.


Complex cross junction microchannel

3D DNS of plug formation in complex cross junction microchannel

Lyes awarded for presenting his work at Chemcon 2015.


Find out why Prof. O. K. Matar says we must look beyond empirical correlations in multiphase flows.



Putting the 'Fy' back in FYFD.

Our twitter account got 290 followers in a year. Not bad. Thanks everyone for following.

Happy new year to all group members and collaborators around the world.

All abstracts by group members accepted for ICMF 2016.

Happy holidays and successful 2016 to all group members and collaborators.

Outstanding work by Christos Markides and his group (Most downloaded experimental thermal and fluid science articles). 

Inaugural United Kingdom Fluids Conference 2016 co-organised by FluidsCDT the 7-9 September.  Visit the link:

Our superspreading paper is on the inside cover of Soft Matter.