Jacek LapinskiMy research is mainly concerned with improvements of PCB Planar Plates in Flexiplanar PEM fuel cells. On the cathode side of PEM fuel cell, degradation of current collector is occurring due to the moist environment, positive overpotential and presence of fluorine ions due to the possible dissolution of Nafion membrane. The improvement is largely focused on protective/passivating coatings that will extend the lifetime of the current collector. A number of approaches are undertaken: development of passivating coatings, study and improvement of existing coatings, development of methods to study a degradation mechanism of passivating coatings and devlopment of ccelarating corrosion tests. In addition, assembling the fuel cells with developed passivating coatings and testing the whole module is also considered. Modeling of PEM fuel cell using Comsol Multiphysics is included in my research in order to have better understanding of processes and comparing experiments with simulations.