What did you do before joining the training scheme?


Prior to joining the Graduate Management Training Scheme, I studied Earth Sciences. Outside of my degree I worked with a renewable energy start-up company and as a research assistant at a Chemical Engineering company through the Year in Industry scheme. I was involved with several university societies and had an interest in higher education policy and management.  

What attracted you to the scheme?

The opportunity to get experience of a range of core management disciplines in an international organisation. Working in different environments, on multiple projects which required different skills was a challenge that really appealed to me. In addition, the strong emphasis on training and developing skills was also something I valued highly.

What has been the highlight of your time on the scheme?

My first placement at Imperial was working with the Finance department, specifically on Operational Excellence programme. This objectives of this programme is to enable change that is driven by the needs of staff and students. This has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills including project management, process analysis and how to support change in dynamic organisations like Imperial. It has been an incredible opportunity to work with many different departments and get an understanding of their responsibilities.

What has been the biggest challenge?

During my second placement I worked with the Central Secretariat which is responsible for College governance, policy and legal services. I was involved with a number of projects which required working with external organisations and understanding statutory requirements. This enabled me to develop my ability to understand complex legal requirements and analyse large data sets.