The initial membership has been pooled from the Center for Bioinformatics and the Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (CISBIC). We are currently expanding our membership. Members are listed below by research area:


Computer Science

Professor John Darlington High Performance Computing, e-Science and the Grid
Professor Yike Guo Machine Learning & Data
Professor Stephen H Muggleton Machine learning, Inductive Logic Programming, Protein Structure prediction, Functional Genomics
Dr Natasa Przulj Graph theory, mathematical modeling, and computational techniques to solving large-scale problems in computational and systems biology
Professor Marek Sergot Automated reasoning applied to problems in bioinformatics
Professor Phillipa Gardner
Professor Guang-Zhong Yang Biomolecular modelling
Prof Luca Cardelli Biocomputing  
Prof Chris Rawlings Biomathematics and Bioinformatics 
Computer Science

DNA and protein sequence analysis (including phylogenetics)

Professor Austin Burt Evolution of nonMendelian genetic elements; population and evolutionary genomics of yeasts
Professor Andy Purvis Inferring evolutionary processes from phylogenetic patterns
Dr Mike Tristem Retroviral and retroelement evolution, mutation detection, adaptive evolution
Dr Alfried Vogler
Comparative genomics and molecular systematics of insects
DNA and protein sequence analysis

Genetics and genomics

Professor Tim Aitman Genomics
Dr Tim N Coulson Population biology; evolutionary demography, General Biology, Mathematical Biology
Professor Neil Ferguson Mathematical modelling of pathogen population dynamics and evolution
Dr Christophe Fraser Evolution and epidemiology of pathogens using genetics and mathematics
Professor Philippe Froguel Genome annotation; genomic studies including SNP analyses and microarray analysis
Dr Mark Isalan Genetic network design, synthesis and modelling 
Dr Hector Keun Bayesian hierarchical models, variable selection, modelling genetic and genomic data
Dr Alexander M Lewin Omics data mining and modelling for biomarker discovery
Dr John Pinney Computational systems biology, function and evolution of biological networks
Professor James Scott, FRS Genetics & Genomics
Professor Brian BG Spratt, FRS Characterisation of isolates of bacterial pathogens via the Internet (multilocus sequence typing)
Professor Michael P.H. Stumpf Complex bi ological networks; probabilistic methods in functional and comparative genomics
Genetics and genomics

High throughput 'omics methodologies

Dr George Christophides Comparative genomics and high throughput 'omics methodologies
Professor Anne Dell, FRS Mass spectrometric sequencing of biopolymers; proteomics, glyco-proteomics a nd glycomics
Dr. Peter DiMaggio Epigenetics
Dr Tim Ebbels Multivariate data analysis applied to post-genomic technologies (metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics)
Dr Stuart Haslam High sensitivity mass spectrometric analysis, structural analysis of glycoconjugates
Professor Tony Magee Imaging
Professor Howard Morris Mass spectrometry
Prof Jeremy Nicholson Metabonomics  
Dr Martin Spitaler Imaging
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Maths and Statistics

Dr Niall Adams Statistical methods for classification and data mining
Dr Becca Asquith Mathematical immunology, Lymphocyte dynamics, Cytotoxic T lymphocyte, HIV-1 and HTLV-I
Professor Charles Bangham Mathematical modelling and bioinformatics of persistent viral infections and the antiviral immune response
Dr Mauricio Barahona Biomathematics and dynamical systems
Dr Leonardo Bottolo Bayesian dynamic graphs
Professor Henrik J Jensen The evolution of interacting networks through mutation and adaptation
Dr Alberto Polleri Quantitative Systems Biology, mathematical modeling of biological systems by integration of theory and experimentation
Dr Vahid Shahrezaei Computational Systems Biology
Dr Reika Tanaka Mathematical modelling, Biological control systems, Homeostasis
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Structural Approaches

Dr Ian Gould Development and application of simulation methods for biological systems
Dr Morgan Beeby In-situ structural biology
Dr James Murray Structural basis of natural and artificial photosynthesis
Dr Henry S Rzepa Quantum chemical modelling, XML, Semantic Web
Professor Michael J E Sternberg Structural bioinformatics especially protein modelling
Structural Approaches

Support and Training

Dr Sarah Butcher Providing Bioinformatics coordination, support and training to researchers
Support and Training

Theoretical Biophysics

Dr J Krishnan Mathematical and computational modelling of cell signalling networks, systems approaches for understanding cellular signal transduction
Dr Robert Endres Biological physics, modelling of sensing and signalling
Dr Nick Jones Networks, Signals, Mitochondria
Dr Chui Fan Lee Pattern formation and self-organisation in biology
Theoretical Biophysics


Dr. Alberto Polleri
Immune Diseases  
Dr George Christophides Infection and Immunity


Prof Tony Cass Biomedical Engineering


Professor Matin Buck Gene regulation & signaling
Prof Kurt Drickamer Biochemistry
Professor Keith Willson Protein folding, proteomics
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