How do I withdraw from a course?

If you have changed your mind about taking a course for whatever reason, you may withdraw by completing the relevant form below. You are encouraged to do so within the first 2 weeks of the term if possible. If you are experiencing any problems with the course, or have any concerns, please contact your lecturer, the appropriate coordinator for your field of study or the Imperial Horizons administrator.

There is a 75% attendance requirement to pass all Imperial Horizons courses, regardless of your credit status. Any absences can be marked as authorised if you have a valid reason (such as illness, or clashes with activities in your department) and notify your teacher in advance.

Please note that if you are an extra credit student withdrawing from a two term course after mid February, you are already 75% of the way through the course. If you choose to continue, but fail the course, this will not be recorded on your transcript. 

If you are taking your Imperial Horizons course for credit as an ancillary course as part of your degree, you will need to discuss your situation with your department before withdrawing.

  • Withdrawal Request Form 2016-17 NB This form is no longer active. Please email if you wish to withdraw from a 2016-17 course.
    The 2017-18 form will be available once the course allocations have been released. For any queries please email