New HexMat Paper

A new HexMat paper by Dr Vivian Tong and Dr Ben Britton:





French High School Visit

On 1st February 2017, ten students (age 19-21, BTEC equivalent studnets), and two teachers from Diderot High School, France, visited the Materials Department at Imperial College.

Vivian Tong (HexMat PDRA), gave a talk and demonstration on ‘ductile to brittle temperature in metals’ and Abi Ackerman (HexMat PhD student) demonstrated on ‘rolling and hardness testing’. After experiencing working in a lab, they were given a tour of the department and the opportunity to see state of the art equipment and machines used at Imperial.

The day ended with Simon Wyatt (PhD student) giving a tour of the Imperial campus.

Abi AckermanVivian TongSimon Wyatt





HexMat Workshop and Steering Board Meeting

As part of the six-monthly review of HexMat, a day-long workshop of presentations by members of HexMat took place at Imperial College on 12th January 2017. Current research results relating to HexMat objectives was presented and discussed, followed by a workshop dinner, bringing together the entire research team, from Imperial, Oxford and Manchester, and also HexMat industry partners.

The next day, members of the management board met to present research plans for the remaining time on HexMat.