Debra Humphris, Imperial's Vice Provost for Education, explains why she donates to the Student Support Fund.

It’s the students themselves that inspired me to give. Our students are highly talented and work incredibly hard – but they come from diverse backgrounds, and not all are well-off. If my support can in some small way help a talented student to get through a financially tough time, that’s good for the individual, and good for wider society.

 London is an expensive place to study. I meet students trying to live on £30 a week while keeping up with their studies. That’s hard. Taking on regular paid work on top of your studies isn’t ideal for most students –thousands across the UK have to take on part-time jobs out of economic necessity.

Supporting students is about supporting the future. As staff, we know how hard students work to get to Imperial, and see first-hand how hard they work when they’re here. If staff can afford to give, I would encourage them to do so. Even a modest donation to the Student Support Fund will bring real benefit to our students in need.

 It feels right that I do my bit to support students who are going through hard times. It’s about my personal values – but I also see it as part of my role as a member of the College community.

My 1851 Circle lapel pin is a great way to start a conversation. People spot it, and ask what it’s about. I feel like I have a responsibility to spread the word about the 1851 Circle, because many people have not yet heard about it. It’s also a way to show my sense of pride and identity in being part of the Imperial community.