The Fuchter Group use expertise in chemical synthesis to impact molecular science in chemistry, biology and materials

Latest News

  • Matt won a 2017 Imperial College President’s Award and a President’s Medal for Excellence in Research
  • Congratulations to three members of the Fuchter group who won 2017 Faculty of Natural Sciences Prizes: Jochen Brandt (Prize for Excellence in Health and Safety), Alex Lubin (Prize for Excellence in the Support of Teaching and Learning), and Melis Ekinci (Prize for Excellence in the Support of Teaching and Learning).
  • Our collaboration with Professor Mark Sephton and Dr Wren Montgomery from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering to use synthetic chemistry to prepare several aza-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (aza-PAHs) that are proposed to be part of the interstellar medium has been highlighted. Find out more about the project.
  • Our latest HKMT inhibitor paper comparing G9a inhibition to Plasmodium parasite activity has been accepted in MedChemComm.
  • Our SIRT2 inhibitor paper, recently published in J. Med. Chem., has been F1000 Prime Recommended.
  • Our collaborative paper with Julia Contreras-García which studies the performance of heteroazoaryl photoswitches has been published in JACS.
  • Matt gave a plenary lecture at the 17th Tetrahedron conference in Sitges, Spain.