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Prof Colin Atkinson Continuum Mechanics; Liquid Crystals   Email this person
Dr Frank Berkshire Continuum Mechanics; Vortex Dynamics; Waves; Dynamical Systems; Dynamics   Email this person
Dr Pavel Berloff

Fluid Dynamics, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Circulation and Modelling, Climate Dynamics, Geophysical Turbulence and Waves, Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies, Transport and Mixing Processes in Fluids, Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling, Stochastic Modelling and Parameterizations, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Numerical Algorithms

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Dr Colin Cotter

My general interests are in Computational Modelling and Numerical Analysis. Some current specific interests are: Numerical methods for climate, weather prediction and ocean modelling, Computational anatomy.

Alistair Gregory,
Bastien Jordi,
Andrew McRae,
Andrea Natale,
James Tull

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Prof Richard Craster

Thin film flows; Geophysical fluid dynamics; Surfactants; Jets and threads; Viscoplastic flows

Elizaveta Dubrovina,
Arandeep Uppal (CDT, joint with Chem Engng, starting in Oct 2015)

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Prof Darren Crowdy

Free boundary problems; Vortex dynamics; Low Reynolds number flows

Christopher Green,
Elena Louca,
Ophir Samson

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Prof John Gibbon

Turbulence; Intermittency in three-dimensional Navier-Stokes; Euler & MHD analysis; Fluid convection

Aya Tanabe Email this person
Prof Phil Hall Turbulence; Geomorphology Matthew Gipon Email this person
Prof Raymond Hide

Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics of spinning fluids; Chaos in dynamical systems; Planetary atmospheres, interiors and magnetic fields

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Prof Darryl Holm

Climate; Turbulence

Martins Bruveris,
David Ellis,
David Meier

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Dr Eric Keaveny

Microorganism locomotion and cellular mechanics, Suspensions of interacting and active particles, Mechanics of soft materials and complex fluids, Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, Numerical methods and computational mathematics

Simon Game (co-supervised with Demetrios Papageorgiou),
Arshad Kamal,
Luca Mingarelli (co-superivesed with Ryan Barnett),
Simon Schöller

Prof Jonathan Mestel

Magnetohydrodynamics; Electrohydrodynamics; Biological fluid dynamics

James Wynne,
Laura Sumner (CDT, joint with BioEng, starting in October 2015),
Raquel Vaz (CDT, starting formally in October 2015)

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Dr Shahid Mughal  

Emma Cooke

Prof Demetrius Papageorgiou

Free boundary problems; multiphase flows; electrohydrodynamics; surfactant effects; dissipative dynamical systems

Radu Cimpeanu,
Elizaveta Dubrovina,
Nikos Fyssas,
Simon Game,
Susana Gomes,
Toby Kirk,
Ruben Tomlin

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Prof Grigorios Pavliotis

Homogenization theory; Inertial particles; Stochastic differential equations


Susana Gomes,
Nikolas Nusken,
Urbain Vaes

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Prof Anatoly Ruban

Theoretical and computational analysis of high Reynolds number flows, incompressible and compressible, with main focus in two areas: laminar-turbulent transition in boundary layer, and boundary-layer separation from a rigid body surface.

Kurunandan Jain,
Hannah Roland,
Julius Kirsten

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Prof Peter Schmid     Email
Dr Ory Schnitzer Mathematical Modelling and Applied Asymptotic Analysis; Microhydrodynamics; Electrohydrodynamics; Electrokinetics; Wave motion   Email
Prof Trevor Stuart Hydrodynamics stability; Vortex dynamics   Email this person
Dr Andrew Walton

Hydrodynamic stability (both linear & nonlinear); Stability of parallel and nearly-parallel flows
Internal flows; Transition to turbulence in internal and external flows

Liam Dempsey Email this person
Prof Xuesong Wu

Boundary layer theory; Hydrodynamic instability; Laminar-turbulent transition; Nonlinear waves; Aeroacoustics; Combustion instability

Adam Butler,
Alex Amos

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