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What we do

The research contracts team enables the academic community in the Faculty of Engineering to engage with sponsors and collaborators across the globe, including corporate partners, academia, UK and international government agencies and research councils, and charities.

We work closely with academic and professional support staff in each department to draft, review, negotiate and approve the terms of various research-related contracts.

How we can help

The team negotiates equitable terms that:

  • maximise academic freedom and research income;
  • minimise risks and administrative burden; and
  • ensure the College meets its ethical, fiscal and legal obligations.

We are part of a multi-faceted system that integrates with other Faculty of Engineering functions e.g. research services (pre- and post-award), corporate partnerships (growing collaborations with industry), and development (advancing the Faculty’s mission); and central College functions e.g. Research Office (which includes the EU team and MTA-in team), International Relations Office (development of international relationships) and Legal Services Office (legal counsel and advice).

We also work in conjunction with IC Consultants and Imperial Innovations to ensure seamless integration of opportunities lead by Imperial’s consultancy and technology transfer arms.
Please get in touch with us via our central email portal, monitored throughout the day, on: You will then receive an email advising which member of the research contracts team will assist with your request.

Meet the team

  • Christian Wright

    Christian Wright

    Personal details

    Christian Wright Head of Contracts

    +44 (0)20 7594 1283


    Christian manages the team, ensuring the provision of an effective research contracts management service to the academic community. Christian deals with research contracts in excess of £1M, Chair agreements and strategic alliances.

  • Dimitrios Batsalas

    Dimitrios Batsalas

    Personal details

    Dimitrios Batsalas Contracts Manager

    +44 (0)20 7594 5044

  • Robbie Davis

    Zak Kadrou

    Personal details

    Robbie Davis Contracts Negotiator

    +44 (0)20 7594 3911

  • Matt Bentley

    Matt Bentley

    Personal details

    Matt Bentley Contracts Negotiator

  • Olly Dean

    Matt Bentley

    Personal details

    Olly Dean Contracts Negotiator