2015-08 Lithium sulfur battery nail penetration test under load

Nail PenetrationA lithium sulfur battery is shown to continue operating safely even during a nail penetration, showing their ability to continue providing power for a short period after damage, useful for military, aviation, portable electronics and automotive industries.

2015-08 Modelling the voltage loss mechanisms in lithium sulfur batteries

Discharge CurvesThe first lithium sulfur battery model to include the evolution of series resistance during discharge with concentration dependent electrolyte conductivity. The model also describes how precipitation of Li2S leads to a 'precipitation resistance' which explains the shape of the low plateau.

2015-10 Lithium sulfur batteries, a mechanistic review

MechanismA comprehensive review of the mechanisms and models of how lithium sulfur battery works, with particular usefulness for future modelling efforts.

2015-11 A zero dimensional model of lithium–sulfur batteries

Predicting voltage curvesThe first lithium sulfur model to properly predict the open circuit voltage according to the Nernst equation and the concentration of species.

The model can be downloaded here