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Head of Group

Josh Edel PROFESSOR Joshua Edel


Masters Students
Katherine Katherine Chio Self-assembly of Nanoparticles for Sensor Applications
Liang Liang Xue Electrochemical functionalisation of nanopipettes
Taz Thasneem Gafoor  Three dimensional hierarchical gold nanoparticle pyramids for analytical techniques
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Past Group Members
NamePositionCurrent location
Laura Elliott  MRes  University of Leeds
Jiabao Xu    
Mireia Singla Milà    
Thomas Gibb PhD  
Vladimir Turek PhD  
Fabrice Gielen PhD

University of Cambridge (U K)

Dr. Xize Niu PDRA University of Southampton (UK)
Mariam Ayub PhD University of Oxford (UK)
Dr. Xevi Casadevall i Solvas PDRA ETH Zurich (SWI)
Dr. Sally Peyman PDRA University of Leeds (UK)
Katherine Elvira PhD ETH Zurich (S WI)
Dr. Shelly Gulati PDRA University of Cali fornia, Meced (USA)
Monpichar Srisa-Art PhD Chulalongkorn University (TH)
Dr. Jongin Hong PDRA Chung-Ang University (KOR)
Dr. Catriona McGlvery PDRA Imperial College London (UK)
Guillaume Chansin PhD  
Dr. Deanpen Japrung PDRA National Nanotechnology Center (TH)
Dr. Emanuele Instuli PDRA  
Dr. Jon Dusting PDRA  
Dr. Xiuqing Gong PDRA  
Dr. Margarita Stapountzis PhD  
Phillip Kuhn MRes ETH Zurich (SWI)
Claudia Bendazolli Visiting PhD  
Bartosz Kaprowski MRes/ PhD ETH Zurich (SWI)
Dr.Kerry Wilson PDRA  
Dr.Amol Patil PDRA  
Dr.Michael Cecchini PDRA  
Mark Draper PhD  
Fatma Dogan PhD  
Soongwon Cho PhD  
Antoni Llopis Lorente MA
Benjamin Miles PhD
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