Phone As more people concentrate in mega-cities there is worldwide recognition of the substantial potential benefits of making cities more environmentally sustainable. There are a number of initiatives to increase the liveability of cities using new technologies, however, these initiatives tend to have limited input from biodiversity scientists and focus on built infrastructure, leaving a clear research gap.

Our unique approach: We have identified the opportunity to partner with existing London-based initiatives to research how best to develop London’s green infrastructure, enhance biodiversity, increase the ecosystem services and wellbeing benefits offered by the city and to make it more sustainable.

We also aim to engage Londoners with their environment through new tools and approaches for monitoring or interpretation of nature around them. This will ensure development is more participatory, improving wellbeing and health of individual residents and communities, promoting sustainable behavioural change and a better understanding of biodiversity change, whilest increasing London’s attractiveness for investors.

Who we are

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens We are a large collaborative, trans-disciplinary research team incorporating London's major biodiversity institutions and NGOs. 

The group is jointly led by Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland of Imperial College’s Grand Challenges in Ecosystems and the Environment initiative and Professor Kate Jones of University College London’s Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research


Our partners